1 trip, 15 days, 4 country trips.

First of all, I can’t write neatly.
So as much as I can, I’m trying to share.

I have been planning to go to Singapore, Malaysia for a long time. Very backpacking style, very low cost and the main purpose is to take the stamp in the passport. It is better to say that I have never dared to speak abroad before going to India and Nepal.

So I gave the visa to an agency, I gave all the documents I wanted.
After that I started ghataghati with air fair how to get less tickets. After many searches I could not get any reduction. But if I go to Calcutta, the money I save will be used for my trip to India. And a few days later I will go to Sarnath and Kushinagar (a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists). I increased the budget a bit so I added this.

India Part:

First I started my tour from Dhaka to Calcutta. The next day we went to Sarnath in Varanasi after visiting two local spots (Park and Madame Tussauds). We went to Kushinagar the next day after visiting various local spots. The best spots to mention are the places where Gautam Buddha is remembered and two places are very hot.
From there I toured Varanasi the next day and came to Calcutta. That night I left Kolkata for Singapore.

Singapore Part:
What if Singapore is a small country, totally tidy. Their airport can be called a tourist spot! If you visit the airport properly, you can go to the shopping malls, then it can be said that 1 day will go by. Digitized perfectly. Immigration has not been a problem. After asking some basic questions, he greeted them with a seal. I bought an internet SIM at the airport for 32 Singaporean dollars which will keep me connected to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand for 15 days.
After lunch at a hotel on Dixon Road, check in at the pre-arranged hotel and go out to look for food and hotel for the rest of the day at low cost. As soon as I came out, I realized that I had grown up in an area full of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. After a short walk, I found an Indian-owned hostel at a very low price.
I booked it for the next two days and had a meal at the Singapore branch of the famous Hirajheel in Motijheel.
I ate and went to the spot called “Garden by the bay”. There are different types of flowers and plants that will fascinate you. After wandering around there, I returned to my room at night. The next day I planned to visit the resort Santosa. The day ended with a tour of Universal Studios and Sea World.
The next day I went to Marilyn Bay after seeing a flock of birds at Juran Bird Park. The day ends with a game of charming lights in the evening.
I went to my room and got ready to go to Indonesia the next day.

Indonesia Part:
There is an island called Bintan in Indonesia which is very close to Singapore! The ferry takes only 1 hour. So the main purpose of the plan is to take a stamp on the passport from one night. However, I did not think the island would be so beautiful. There are 3 ferries in Bintan, 1 of which is made only for tourists who come to the resort. Each resort has a complimentary up-and-down arrangement from the ferry pier. Build separately and provide security.
I was at the Nirvana Garden Resort Hotel. Accommodation in 4 categories within the resort.
Where there is a will according to the budget.
Before leaving, I wanted to watch Hitch Hawking’s video, but I didn’t have the courage, so I decided in my mind that I would definitely try Hitch Hawking to visit the local spot from the hotel. I was talking to a Filipino couple on the ferry and I told them my wish. Luckily, they were staying in the same hotel. They heard me and said beforehand that there was no need to search again. I can hang out with them for free.
We can go to the hotel, check in early, freshen up and walk around the city.
We toured various spots in the city, tasted local food and left at night. The next morning I went to the beach side and resort and took the afternoon ferry to Singapore. On that day I went shopping from somewhere and went straight to the airport.
Since the morning flight was intended for Langkawi. It is better to say, if it is above ড 100, you must ask the store for VAT refund. You will get about 8.5 / 6% (I forgot) VAT refund at the airport.

Malaysia Part:
I moved from Singapore to Lankaway. Which is one of the many islands in Malaysia. The funny thing is that the whole island is duty free. So if you want to shop, then it is better to do it from here.
However, the first day I kept as a rest, I realized the decision was good because it was raining heavily.
We spent the night on beach walks and street food.
On the 2nd day I went to Mangrove Forest and Sky Bridge. Sky Bridge was already in my bucket list!
Freshened up from there, I went to Eagle Park in the evening.
The next day I went to Hopping Island and returned in the evening to pack up and get ready to go to Kuala Lumpur the next day.

Kuala Lumpur:
Honestly my Kuala Lumpur chapter was the Puroori Loss Project. The untimely rain has caught up with it.
Usually I took a flight in the morning so that I could spend the whole day in a new place. But here comes the rule. Didn’t find early check-in at Bukit Bintan’s Furama Hotel. Going to the room to freshen up and go to bed, it was evening 

So scratch before going out


Room in the middle of the room. I had to walk a little to meet the local brothers.
I found out that there are desi hotels after filling up the desi hotels. I went to Time Square after fixing the room for the remaining two days.
The next day I went to the shoe, but I saw that it was actually a bird zoo. Since I went to the bird park in Singapore, I went to the orchid garden next door. Later I went to the temple. Bidhibam again, rain on the way to the Sky Tower. I went and saw that the sky view could not be seen because of the storm, I had to be satisfied with the observation view.
I also saw the Twin Towers on the way.

The next day I spent the whole day at Genting Highland.
The next day, after shopping in the morning, he arrived in the country on an afternoon flight and the tour came to an end.

How to get there:
I went on the whole flight. Only Singapore – Indonesia – Singapore was on the ferry.

The route was –
Dhaka – Kolkata – Varanasi – Kolkata – Bangkok via Changi (Singapore) – Bintan (Indonesia) – Changi – Lankaway (Malaysia) – Kuala Lumpur – Dhaka.
Dhaka – Kolkata was US Bengal.
Kolkata – Varanasi – Kolkata was Indigo.
Kolkata – Bangkok – Changi – Thai Airways.
Changi – Lankaway – Air Asia.
Lankaway – Kuala Lumpur – Dhaka – Malindo.
Note that if you want cheap flights to Changi – Langkawi, you will not receive any check-in luggage.

Wherever you go, be sure to keep the spot clean.

Budget: In all, I have read about 65,500.
This does not include shopping and visa processing.


1. If you also want to take my route, you must take a double entry visa to Singapore.
If you take a rapid pass of the bus, you will save a lot of money. And if you have to take a cab, take a grav. There is no Uber.
2. Those who are smokers, you can’t take cigarettes if you want in Singapore. You can take 1 packet, but it can not be intake. Where you can not do it in an empty open space.
3. I rode Uber and Olat in India, I took Grav in the rest of the country, but if you get on the bus alone in Singapore, you have to pay a high price.
4. As Lankaway is duty free, the price of chocolate, shoes and perfume is much lower.
So much so that I didn’t even get to Kuala Lumpur or the airport.
5. When you take a SIM, you must make a local call, not just an Internet SIM. If there are a few countries like mine, ask if it will work in those countries.
8. I am not talking about India about money exchange. Everyone knows more or less.
However, in Singapore, starting from the cab, the card is taken everywhere, so try to pay on the card, and you can break a few dollars. Get some less at the airport, I got a good rate at Mostafa Mart.


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