5 countries that can tour at a relatively low cost.

Who doesn’t like to tour! There are many who love to travel and want to travel, but lack of money does not make it. This article is for people who love to travel. There are some countries that you can visit at very low cost. So let’s take a look at the countries where the cost will be comparatively less.

Southeast Asia is a good place to travel cheaply. If you visit Cambodia, you will understand it well. Yet the roads in Cambodia are run by old cheap buses and minivans on internal routes. Beds can be arranged for a good hotel stay in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh, or Siam Reap for between three and five dollars. But if you want to get a room, you have to spend 10 dollars. Cambodian food is not as delicious as in Thailand or Vietnam. Enjoy street food in the capital, Funam Pen, especially at night markets. Accommodation is available, you can go to Angkor Wat for sightseeing, you will find a lot of temples there to see.





You may be surprised to hear the name of Thailand. But no matter how lavish or expensive the beach is, there are cheap tours to Thailand. But for this you have to go to the northern part of Thailand. Take the night train from the capital Bangkok to Chia Mait in the north. If you set foot there, you will understand that you can still relax and roam in Thailand for less money.
In many northern cities, you can get a hotel bed for three dollars a night and six dollars for a room. However, don’t think that these hotels are cheap, tidy and tidy. There is no luxury but you will get everything you need. You can eat Thai food at a restaurant for 30 baht (one dollar) in Thai currency.





Bolivia is a Latin American country. The country is slowly improving over time. But it is still quite cheap. Beds can be found here for five to six dollars. Rooms are available for 10. Peru is also a good place to visit next to Bolivia. However, Bolivia is still much cheaper than other Latin American countries.






When you say Indonesia, you think of the magnificent nightclubs of Bali Island. Bali is a favorite destination for tourists from Australia or European countries to spend time on the beach. However, there are many places to visit in Indonesia. Such as Ubud. The island nation of Indonesia is also an island. A small house like a temple can be rented for ড 10 to stay in Ubud. Indonesian food is also quite delicious. Ubude can be eaten very comfortably for one dollar. You can also eat a plate of Sunny Goreng (a dish made of vegetables-rice, eggs and chicken) at the night market in Lombok, Gili Island for just two dollars.






Nicaragua was once a troubled country due to political instability and civil war. But gradually the situation improved. Nicaragua is now one of the most attractive places for tourists. Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries in Central America that can be visited for very little money. However, if you go to Costa Rica, the country next to Nicaragua, you have to pay extra money. Costa Rica has the same cheap accommodation as in Southeast Asia. In the city of San Juan del Sur you will get a bed for a hotel stay for five dollars and a room with a bath for 10 dollars.
However, keep in mind that if you stay in a hotel owned by a western company, you will have to pay twice as much. Try to stay in hotels run by Nicaraguan locals. Beans and rice are the mainstays of Nicaraguan cuisine. There is not much variety in this dish. Breakfast will cost one dollar and dinner four to five dollars.


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