A city full of various pretty, clean and peaceful

Visit Jaipur, The Pink City, the Capital of Rajasthan.

How to get there?
From Dhaka to Kolkata bus then from Kolkata to Jaipur plane 7500 tk.
Or the capital train from Kolkata to Delhi is a very good option and the double-decker train from Delhi to Jaipur will take you in 4 hours, I don’t know the exact fare of the train as I have not traveled by that.





Jaipur tour
I rented a taxi from the hotel for 1500 tk and traveled all over Jaipur. Taxi service varies from driver to driver. Tell them to take all the spots and you have to study for yourself what are the spots. They don’t go around many spots like Panna Meena Ka Kund. I made a request, thats why the driver turned to that and go around practically i very close to Amber Fort.





Hotel Context:
I am staying at the hotel. Krishna Palace has taken Rs. 2000 per night. It is a very good hotel, but when my friends visited, they stayed at Hotel Maziz Prime. The price is low but the room is good.




Eating and drinking topic:
Jaipur is basically a veggie item, in my opinion, it is better to eat chapati bread and water butter masala, and otherwise, it is better to eat South Indian dish Dosa. Unlike Maziz Prime Hotel, where you can find halal food, you will find non-veg items.

Going on a plane costs less time and lives than on a train, and non-direct flight takes a lot more time, but there is no problem.


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