A day trip to Birishiri with family.

The one-day tour is a trip to Birishiri with all the family. Boys and girls can all take part.



Date of departure January 10 at 10 pm Dhaka.
Return date 11 January at 10 pm Netrokona.





Travel time 2 nights 1 day.

 Travel cost 2500 rupees.

 Travel details
January 10 (Thursday)
We will take the bus / train tonight.





January 11 (Friday)
This morning we will reach Netrokona, refresh ourselves, have breakfast and leave for Birishiri.
★ I will show you everything
1) Sameswar river.
2) Vijaypur Chinamati hill.
3) Cultural Academy.
4) Ranikhong Catholic Charge.
5) Garo hills.
6) Vijaypur BGB camp.




January 12 (Saturday)
I will be in Dhaka today at 5/6 am InshaAllah.

★ Whatever will be given
1) Return ticket to come and go.
2) 3 meals a day.
3) All local transport costs.
4) All entry fees.
5) Rest house costs.

★ Whatever will not be given
1) Any kind of personal expenses.
2) Any kind of personal medicine.
3) Food at highway breaks.




★ Booking money is 1000 TK.

Payment method
1) Development. (If you give in development, you have to pay with cost)
01722501796 (Development Personal)
2) You can meet the admin and give hand in hand.
3) You can inform by depositing in the bank.
Saiful Chowdhury.
Savings Accounts.
Motijheel Branch.
National Bank Ltd.




★ Since one day tour boys and girls can all take part in this tour. Especially for those who do not get a holiday on Saturday.




 Lots of female travelers travel with Chowdhury Holidays for safety and hospitality management, as always the girls living room is separate.



There is no hidden charge.



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