A day trip to Latkan State.

Speaking of Latkan, the name of Narsingdi district will come first. Because Raipura, Shibpur, and Belab Upazilas of Narsingdi district have the highest number of latkans. Latkan is our favorite fruit. Narsingdi district is a very comfortable one day trip for those who are busy all day long. But there are many things that can fill your mind besides the Latkan Garden, especially the mud houses, the serene surroundings, the thousand-year-old Wari Bateshwar, the Belab Central Jame Mosque.



From the bottom of the Latkan tree to the Aga just Latkan and Latkan. But the most interesting thing is that Latkan is caught in the trunk of a tree. That’s why it’s great to see them. Almost every house in Narsingdi Morjal has some Latkan trees. After planting the seedlings, the Latkan tree starts bearing fruit and the tree bears fruit for a long time. Only the Latkan tree needs some care. Latkan is the rainy season fruit of our country. So if you go from mid-June to mid-July, you will see Latkan Garden. There will be no barriers to entry to these gardens but the garden owners or the people of the area will welcome them. No one will say anything even if Latkan tears himself, but it is better to get permission. Because not taking permission in such sincerity is disrespectful.



If you meet Latkan with the thousands of years old tradition “Wari – Bateshwar” then what is the harm in that! Ask someone in Bateshwar Bazaar and walk for a few minutes. You can go to Sir’s collection and float in the ocean of Latkan! You will be able to see the thousand-year-old tradition of Bengal. There are a few quality hotels in Morjal Bazaar for lunch The taste of the food is variable. We go to Morjal by bus from Dhaka. There is no auto rental for the whole day from the auto stand in Morjal. We drive all day to our favorite place. Our auto mama was very sincere. He fed us jhalamuri, shrimp bara, and chocolate from himself. And turned around with a lot of interest. They will be very happy and will do a lot of sincerity for you if you use it a little better.



From Dhaka’s Sayedabad to Sylhet, Kishoreganj, or Bhairabgami you can take any bus and get off at Narsingdi Morjal. The rent will be 75-80 TK. You can go around every place by reserving an auto for 600-700 TK for the whole day.
Morjal is a very beautiful clean village that I have visited. So don’t spoil the beauty of the environment by throwing dirt there.
Thanks. Happy traveling.


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