A detailed A-Z guide to the world’s largest beach travel.

It is the largest beach in the world. This picturesque beach is about four hundred and fifty kilometers away from Dhaka and about one hundred and fifty kilometers away from Chittagong by road. Bathing in the big waves in the sea water here, the beautiful view of the sunset is the main attraction of all the tourists. Cox’s Bazar beach tour may start from Laboni Point. If you go out in the morning, you will get extra credit for this beauty. Fishing scene of fishermen of different ages. Not only the beach, but also the Buddhist temples of Cox’s Bazar city, Burmese market, Hilltop Rest House etc. are some of the places worth visiting in Cox’s Bazar. There are now many modern hotel motels to stay in Cox’s Bazar. There are also various low cost motels starting from 4 star hotels. Just like there is a hotel for TK 20,000, there is an arrangement to stay in a hotel for only TK 500 a little further back.
Marine Drive on the beach is a wonderful road. The whole place will fascinate you as you go along this road. You will be fascinated by the mountains on one side and the sea on the other.







Himchhari is located just 12 km from Cox’s Bazar city. There are 3 ways to get there from Cox’s Bazar. You can go there by open jeep, rickshaw or battery powered rickshaw. If you go in an open jeep, the fare will be 50-60 rupees per person. If you take a reserve, it will cost 1200-1500 TK. If you go by rickshaw, the fare will be 150-250 rupees. If you go by battery powered rickshaw, the fare will be 400-600 TK. On the way here you can enjoy the sky-scraping hills adjacent to the beach. Himchhari has a cool spring in the mountains.







Inani beach

Another attraction 8 km east of Cox’s Bazar on the banks of the Himachari is Inani Beach, also known as Mini St. Martin. There are vast rocky beaches here. Floating from the sea, a lot of coral has accumulated in the lagoon here. If you take a reserve jeep from Cox’s Bazar to reach here, it will cost 1800-2500 TK. Even with a battery-powered rickshaw, if you go around for the whole day, the fare will be 800-1000 TK.






Maheshkhali Island:

Maheshkhali is the only hilly island in Bangladesh. The main attraction to visit here is the famous Adinath Temple. There is also a very beautiful Buddhist temple here. The famous Adinath Temple can be found by climbing the Adinath hill by breaking the winding stairs. The island has a vast sea to the south and huge mountains to the west. There is no accommodation here. It is possible to go from Cox’s Bazar in the morning and see the island well and return in the afternoon. You can go to Maheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar Trawler Ghat by speed boat, it will take only 15 minutes, in that case the fare will be 150 rupees or by engine boat, it will take 1 hour, in this case the fare will be 30 TK.




Sonadia Island

Sonadia is another interesting island in Cox’s Bazar. Lots of guest birds are seen here in winter. It is possible to take an engine boat from Cox’s Bazar and return to this island of 473 sq km before evening.






Another place of interest in Cox’s Bazar district is Kutubdia Island, which covers an area of ​​about 216 sq km. The sights of the island are the famous ancient lighthouse, Kalarma Mosque and the shrine of Qutb Auliya. The Kutubdia speedboat can be reached in just 45 minutes from Kasturi Ghat in Cox’s Bazar, which costs 150-200 TK or can be saved by engine boat. In this case it takes about 2 hours and the rent is 50-60 TK.






The southernmost land of Bangladesh is Teknaf, about 65 km from Cox’s Bazar. Teknaf is a unique meeting place of mountains, rivers and seas. The Naf River flows past the hills. Everyone is bound to feel good. The beach here is said to be the cleanest beach in Bangladesh. Places of interest include the historic Mathin’s Well, Shah Pari Island, Kudum Cave, Teknaf Nature Park. The fare from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf by bus is 60-120 rupees or by microbus is 100-150 TK.







St. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s Island is a coral island in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal in the far south of Bangladesh. It is located about 9 km south of Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district and 8 km west of the coast of Myanmar at the mouth of the Naf River. Lots of coconuts are available. Locally it is also called Coconut Ginger. The area of ​​the island is about 8 square kilometers. The island is home to about 6 species of corals, 18 species of snails and oysters, 153 species of seaweed, 157 species of secretive plants, 240 species of marine fish, four species of amphibians and 120 species of birds. Fish include fairy fish, butterfly fish, bowl coral, red koi, needle fish, red fish, flying fish etc. Some tourists think St. Martin is one of the best islands in the world. It takes 2.50 hours by ship from Teknaf to St. Martin. The return fare of the ship will be 900-1500 rupees. Hotel rent in St. Martin will be 500 – 2000 TK. If you don’t spend the night here, you won’t get real fun. Visitors eat a lot of fish and coconuts here.







Accommodation in Cox’s Bazar:

Currently, there are many five star hotels in Cox’s Bazar. The number of Forster and Three Star or equivalent hotels and resorts is also not less. Most of the hotels near the beach are of good quality. Hotels and resorts are located at Kalatali and Laboni points. A number of hotels have also been set up in the vicinity of Inani. Apart from this, there are eco resorts outside. Room rent varies according to the season i.e. peak and off-peak. September to April of the year and May to August are considered off-peak time of the year. 25-50% discount on hotel and class room rent during off-peak hours

Oops. There are many standard hotels a short distance from the beach.

Seagull Hotel Limited (017530, 0341-62480-90),

Hotel The Cox Today (01755597450, 0341-52410-22),

White Orchid (01725923969),

Hotel Sea World (0341-52228, 0341-51725),

Simon Beach Resort (0341-51350, 01755691917),

Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort (01936473-6, 0341-52360-9),

Long Beach Hotel (0175560051, 0341-51743-6),

Hotel Sea Crown (01716069420, 0341-64895),

Albatross Resort (0171754018, 01716033445, 01716596173, 0341-6484),

Hotel Royal Regal Palace (019693723),

Hotel Prime Park (0175609915, 01742709915, 0341-62311),

Hotel Uni Resort (0171317018),

Hotel Media International (01711341164).

Tourism includes Hotel Algae (0341-63284),

Motel Coral (0341-63211),

Hotel Laboni (01913932072).

Notable in the vicinity of Inani,

La Bella Resort (01725923969).

Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort (8003570647, 0341-527-60),

Inani Royal Resort (01790170).

Notable among the eco-resorts are Mermaid Eco Resort (Patcher Island, 0174147484-9,) Sampan Eco Resort (0196482826).

There is a room here for a night stay priced from one thousand to a maximum of 60 thousand rupees.

For those who don’t want to spend so much to stay, there are also low-cost accommodation hotels. Hotels on Kalatli Road, behind the hotel’s Seagull, can be had for only Rs 500.

Travel Information to Cox’s Bazar:

For those of us who plan to travel from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, there are bus as well as flight facilities. Apart from that you can go to Chittagong by train and from there by bus to Cox’s Bazar. It takes about ten to twelve hours by bus from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, 50 minutes by plane. There are two types of buses, AC / non-AC. AC / non AC fare by bus is 800-1500 rupees. Many buses are available from Dhaka every day. Notable among these are St. Martin’s Transport (01711321143, 017117109),

Green Line Transport (01730060004, 01730060071),

Sohag Paribahan (02-931116),

Shyamoli (02-900331, 02-6034265, 01718-942154),

S Alam (01713-329394, 02-93318),

Hanif (0171340271, 0171340270),

Saudia (01919854935, 01919754656),

TR Travels (019117373, 01910-80004).

From Dhaka Kamalapur multiple trains including Chittagong Mail, Turnanishitha, Subarna Express, Mahanagar Godhuli leave for Chittagong.

Contacts of the airlines are Bangladesh Biman (02-6901700, 02-6901730-44),

NovoAir (13603, 02-961791-2, 017556560-1),

US Bangla (017, 01799, 017900),

Regent Airways (02-6953003),

United Airways (0960644556, Ext-542-48, 02-6932337, 02-6931712).

Depending on the class, the Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka return ticket is Rs. In that case the rent is much lower.

Eating and drinking 6

We know that every hotel has its own restaurant, where the price of food is always relatively high. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. In that case, if you want to have lunch and dinner somewhere outside, there is no need to worry because there are enough restaurants here. The number of restaurants located on Kalatali Road is high. Zhaoban, Live Fish, Coal, Poushi, Stone Forest, Taranga, Kanshaban, Pankauri, Niribili Orchid Club and Restaurant, Mermaid Cafe and Divine Sea Stone Cafe are some of them. In the mentioned food places, all kinds of food starting from rice with various marine fish, meat, bharta-bhaji, dried fish are available. It is important to know the price before ordering food. There are several restaurants along the sea at Kalatali Beach to enjoy the beauty of the sea as well as the sunset.

Special Note 6

= First of all, to know the weather forecast before going to Cox’s Bazar.

= Secondly, there are deaths every year while bathing in sea water. All this happens mainly due to lack of caution and awareness.

There are several secret canals from Laboni Point to Kalatali Beach. Due to carelessness, most of the tourists lost their lives in this canal after low tide.

= Thus, bathing on the beach at low tide should be avoided. In that case, if you take a bath on the beach following the signal of the security check post, you can stay away from danger. Red and green flags are hoisted from the outpost at low tide. It is safe to bathe during the green flag. Life jackets can be kept with if needed.

= Corals are usually sharp. So, one has to walk carefully while walking on the coral at the beaches of Inani and St. Martin. It is the responsibility of everyone to refrain from dumping any kind of garbage and indigestible items such as polythene, plastic bottles, etc. to keep the beach environment clean and the biodiversity safe.


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