A journey in a remote area of Remakri Union in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban District.

Our journey was to Nafakhum in Remakri Union of Thanchi Upazila in Bandarban District and Devtapahar> Amiyakhum> Velakhum> Satvaikhum in remote Nakshiyang.




Day 1: We started our journey from Comilla at 12.45 pm on Saudia bus (ticket 620) and reached Bandarban at 8.00 am. After getting off the bus and having breakfast, Chander reserved a car (5500 Tk) and left for Thanchi. The moon did not rise on the way and the sea of ​​clouds could not be seen. The description of this sea may not be explained by writing or capturing the camera without seeing it with one’s own eyes.




We reached Thanchi around 11 pm, 10-12 km before Thanchi, after the BGB check post, we have to submit a photocopy of all the ID cards, enter the name and address and enter NID, Varsity ID, Birth certificate either. There is a cafe of BGB where fresh papaya, orange juice is available in the local garden, you can try it if you want. A few days ago I fixed the local guide + boat (up and down) for 3 days with 13000 rupees. Our guide was Raphael Dada. There are two ways to go to Amiyakhum, Velakhum, Satvaikhum, Devta Pahar, one is through Paddhajiri for 6-7 hours trekking through Thuishapara, and the other is through Remakri through Nafakhum through Jinnapara-Thuisha Para. Time back to Padmajhiri, so the guide did everything right that way. After reaching Thanchi, after completing all the formalities from Thana, BGB through Raphael Dada, I talk for the last time at home for the next 3/4 days. Because if you swallow a little further in Sangu river, you will go out in the network, life jacket, water, saline around 1 pm, Bought glucose, dry food, and got on the boat to go to Remakri by Sangu river. Because we won’t be able to buy any more food later .. After 2/3 hours of seeing the amazing view of Sangu river and big rocks, we reached Remakri, the guide had fixed a cottage in Remakri for our stay, the food was also there. Reaching Remakri, we rested for a while in Remakri Jhiri on Sangu river. After walking around the Remakri market for a while at night, I came to the cottage, then fell asleep listening to the stars in the sky and the soft roar of Remakri Jhiri coming from afar. I thought about why life is so beautiful!


Day 2 – We will start the journey from Remakri to Nafakhum. Anyway, in the morning I had breakfast with fried eggs from Remakri Bazaar. After finishing the incidental expenses of the cottage, I left for Nafakhum with my bag at 8 in the morning. Suddenly I saw the Arakan Army walking along the small footpath at the foot of the hill. I read the name of the Arakan Army on the pages of a book or in a newspaper, but when I saw the armed forces coming to the front, I was just as overwhelmed with joy as I was overwhelmed with uncertain risks. It’s not violent. After about two and a half hours, seeing the immense beauty of Nafakhum, all the fatigue seemed to fly away. After bathing in the cold icy water of Niagara, Bengal, the sun shone for a while, then I ate some dry food and left for Jinapara. The sun was 1.45 in the middle of the sky at that time, I took a bath after walking like this, then I walked again as if my body didn’t want to move, but I reached Jinapara at 5 pm after walking on a swing. There are no signs of mountains and networks all around, just sitting in a tea shop in the evening, forgetting the fatigue of the whole day, singing, chatting and the sound of crickets at night, what an impossibly beautiful feeling that would take a thousand nights to write.


Day 3: After breakfast at 6 am, pay the cottage bill and leave for Thuisapara. After 30 minutes, we reach Thuisapara, leave our bags at the cottage and start our main tour (guide fixes the cottage in advance and leaves at Thuisa Para). The guide told us to cross three hills today. In the middle of a god mountain whose name is heard, small cool currents flow through the spine. It is good to know that what we call mountains are called hills by the locals. At 7.04 am we left Thuisapara for Amiakhum. Due to the long walk the day before, one of our group returned to nature before reaching the mountain. Who saw our joy when we reached Devta Pahar with the rest of the members! Then began the dangers and thrills in every step, I don’t want to think about what will happen once my feet slip. That roar of Amiyakhum from the god hill created a new impetus among us then it took us about 1.30 hours to descend the dirt road down a steep hill. Then I started walking towards Velakhum on the right-hand side for a while. Walking cautiously along the rocky road through the middle of the high and low rocks, we came to a bank of green clear calm water and from here our raft will start its journey. Raphael’s grandfather had already fixed the raft. The water of Velakhum and the harsh afternoon sun combine to create a different feeling. After seeing Velakhum, I can see Amiyakhum after walking for 15 minutes on the same road that I came to. We will meet Satvaikhum a little further, then after resting for a while, after taking a bath on some big rocks, we started our journey towards Devta hill, now there is no strength in the body to climb, I don’t even know how I got up, it took about 40 minutes. Exhausted in the afternoon on the way to Thuisapara sun in the middle of the hill. I decided to come again if the feeling of coming to see Yast survived.



Day 4 – The official tour is over, but Padma Jhiri is calling us. After being in Thuisapara for a long time, it seems as if Maya has suddenly fallen. But we have to leave all illusions. It takes 7-8 hours to judge the difference in walking speed from Thuisapara to Padmamukh. We left Thuisapara at 8 am and started walking towards Padmajhiri. It was 1 o’clock in the afternoon to reach Harishchandrapara after crossing five hills and two or three hills. Meanwhile, our guide Raphael Dada showed us Tajingdong and Saka Huffong Mountains from a distance. Officially, Tajingdong is the highest mountain in Bangladesh, but according to the hills, it is not even half of Tajingdong Saka Huffing. Padmajhiri is a beautiful path made of small and big jhiri flowing between the two hills. We reached Padmamukh at 5 pm and got on the boat and reached Thanchi. Then after reserving Chandergadi, I came to Chakraya through Alikadam and wandered aimlessly here and there in the city and came to Comilla by night bus.




The cost of the whole tour was 4600 tk per person. There were 12 of us
Comilla-Bandarban 620 (Saudi)
Bandarban-Thanchi moon car 5500
150 rupees per person in Remakri and Thuisapara and 120-150 tk for food
Chakaria Chander car from Thanchi is 2500 Tk
The cost of the guide boat is 13000 Tk




Things that are useful for the tour should be taken
NID, Varsity Id Or B.Certificate 5 copies photocopy
Lots of salines
Trekking Shoes (Available at Thanchi Market, Price tk. 150)
Paracetamol and gastric medicine
Dates, nuts, chocolate, noodles
Note: You must make sure that you do not harm the environment. Do not leave these packets of plastic bottle chips. Leave your unused plastic and polythene in any polythene and bring it to Thanchi.


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