A journey to Chandranath Hill, Banshbaria Beach, Patenga Beach, Neval.

Getting there: Chittagong Mail train leaves from Dhaka at 10:30 pm (fare 120 tk) but like Lokan train, you have to get on the train first and get a seat, otherwise, you have to stand up. Before getting up, have dinner for 50 rupees and light food for 20 tk. The train will reach Sitakunda at 8:30 am. Get down and have breakfast at Bhai Bhai Hotel for 25 taka. Then go to Chandranath hill by autorickshaw or CNG at 10 taka per person. Get up and read.



Go to the front and you will find two roads. Everybody says to get on the right side but I will tell you to get on the left side road. If you get on the right side road you will easily go up the stairs and you will not see anything else. You can get up to have fun and get a lot of views. A little scary but very exciting. When you get up, you will find 2 more roads in the middle of the road. One is a small temple and the other is another road.



From there you will use the other road. After 20-25 minutes you will get a place to rest. Take a little rest there. Then when you get up a little more you go up the hill. Go down the second road or the stairs during Namara. Under Namara you will understand why I forbade you to get on the road. Then come to Sitakunda Bazar at the same fare again. From there leave bus number 6 and get up at 15 taka per person. For Bashbaria. The bus will drop you off at Bashbaria Highway.



This time cross the road and take CNG to the beach (20 tk per person). Spend the afternoon there. Now have lunch at 40 rupees. Launch and come back to the highway. After crossing the road again, get on the bus number 6 and go to Alangkar (25 rupees fare). Get off there and get on the 11th or 12th bus and get off at Free Por (15 tk fare). From there go to Patenga by autorickshaw (20 tk).



From there go on horseback. Let’s go to Naval. Or come to Naval first and then go to Patenga. Scaffolding to go to Naval is 10 tk from Patenga. Then buy some light food for 20 tk. Then buy Dhaka Mail train error ticket for 125 tk. Try to stay on the platform by 9 o’clock. Now on the train. Get up and leave.



Everyone is talking about gulia Khali, but we didn’t like the place. That’s why we are walking to Bashbaria without wasting time.


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