A one day tour of Nawabganj and Dohar.

On a day tour, you can visit some beautiful places of Nawabganj and Manot Ghat of Dohar.
If you want to see the places in the picture, you have to leave Dhaka from 7 to 8 in the morning, then you can visit the places in a very relaxed way.
My friend Arif and I visited the place yesterday.



The places we visited in Nawabganj and Dohar
-George’s house
– Lawyer’s house
-Cokil Paris zamindar’s house
-There are many old houses inside Kalakopa Ansar Camp
-Ichhamati river
– Adnan Palace
-Khelalamdar’s house
– Manot Ghat


However, we could not see the inside of George’s house. The picture was taken from outside. This house is not always open for sightseeing. It is privately owned. When the owner of this house comes, he has a good fortune.
And the old houses inside the Kalakopa Ansar camp have to be visited with the permission of the Ansar camp. We had a good fortune so we were able to visit but many times it is forbidden. Those of you who have come to visit will explain that it will not be a problem.


For the convenience of your understanding, the name of each photo location has been written in the post.



How to go and see the places and cost per personঃ


N Mallick and Jamuna Paribahan leave buses from Nawabganj and Dohar in front of Fulbaria Market in Gulistan, Dhaka. You will go to N Mallick bus which is directly on the road and no one else will take it so it will take less time to go. You will try to get on the bus from 6 am to 8 am. These buses go to Bandura. You will say that George will go home. They will take him down to Nawabganj. It will take time. The rent is 60 TK. George will drop it in front of the house. George will see the house and the lawyer will look around the house next to it. It will take 20 hours to enter the house. The house also has a flower garden and a pond. After visiting the lawyer’s house, there is Kokil Paris zamindarbari next to it. After spending some time there, there is Ansar camp next to it. With the permission of Ansar Camp, you will visit the old houses of Ansar Camp. If you visit these places, you will see them in the street. Ichchamati river. There is a beautiful ghat here. If you sit for some time and walk a little in front of the riverbank, you will find Adnan Palace. Buy a ticket for 30 TK and visit the place. The place is quite beautiful. There is also Adnan Palace and a small decorated park. And best of all, it would be nice to sit on the river bank and see the beauty of the river from here. It will take 5 minutes to walk to Khelalamdar’s house.

If you have trouble recognizing these places near one another, seek the help of local people. Inshallah, there will be no problem.


You can go around here for a while in an auto in front of George’s house or if you go to the main road, you will get an e-bus.
Go to Manot Ghat and have lunch with fried hilsa and visit Manot Ghat in the afternoon. You must like the beauty of Padma river.


From here some more buses including Jamuna Paribahan come to Dhaka. The last bus leaves from there at 6 pm in Dhaka. The rent will be 90 TK


Your tour will cost youঃ
– Incoming bus fare 60 + 90 = 160 TK
-Admission price of lawyer’s house is 20
– Adnan Palace entrance fee is 30 TK
– Bus fare from George Bari Nawabganj to Manot Ghat Dohar is 25 TK
It costs 235 TK
With breakfast and lunch, you will have to spend another 200 TK.
Total cost = 435 TK. You can easily visit these beautiful places for 450 to 500 TK.

We spent 550 TK per person because we ate a lot.


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