A story of a luxury trip to Darjeeling, Mirik, a part of Nepal, Lamahata for 8000 TK .

@ Start day:
Travel by SR transport from Mirpur at 11.30 pm = 850 TK
People of SR transport at the border will cross immigration for 100 tK. They have a syndicate there. After going to the other side, you have to pay 100 more.


A good rate is available in Bengali TK, but it is better to keep a few dollars with you. (Rs. 81 = TK. 1)
Bus stand by auto from border = 30 rupees
Siliguri by bus = 60 rupees (Bus conductors are very good and helpful)
Various people (brokers) in Siliguri will say that you can’t find a hotel in Darjeeling. This is true in the off-season, but in the off-season Available hotels are available. The best is to book a hotel from Bangladesh.


Room rent = Rs.400 (per person)

First 3 days of travel (1st + 2nd + 3rd day) – Darjeeling:
It will take a total of 3 days to visit 15 picnic spots all over Darjeeling. There are charted places to visit. We spend the first 3 days just touring Darjeeling. Spots to visit Darjeeling:



03 points
– Tiger Hill (SUNRISE)
– Batasia Loop (toy train turns through this loop)
– Ghoom Monastry (the highest railway station in the world)
– Rock Garden (hill, a fountain made of large pieces of stone)


05 points
– Japanese Temple
– Lal Kothi
– Ava Art Gallery
– Dhirdham Temple
– Peace Pagoda
07 points
– Zoo
– Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
– Ropeway (Cable Car)
– Tenzing Rock
– Tea Garden
– Lebong Race Course
– Darjeeling Gorkha Stadium
Apart from these, the biggest attraction of Darjeeling is Mall Road. The few days we were in Darjeeling, we used to go to Mall Road 3-4 times a day. And I missed Mall Road the most when I returned to Bangladesh.



Mom is one of the most famous street food. Vegetable (30) and Chicken are the two types of mum available. There are also chaomin, mushrooms, etc.


And the food of the hotel includes Steamed rice, Chhola Batora, Dal Makhani, and many more. And the funny thing is that the KFC that you get there for 99 rupees, you will not get less than 500 rupees in Bangladesh.
And it would be better not to take a Meal in the hotel, you will be deprived of the pleasure of finding out the kind of food you find in it.



In Darjeeling, the prices of various clothes and food are much lower. Keep some extra money with you for shopping. There is a super shop called “Big Bazar”. There are various chocolates available at low prices. Oh, don’t forget to bring Darjeeling’s Chapata.



Lamahata: (4th day)
Lamahata is waiting for you with endless pine forest as soon as you land in Jodhpur by jeep from Darjeeling. Lamahata is a completely pollution-free village. Beautiful place for photography. You will find a Tree House with you, and if you climb through the pine forest to the top of the hill, you will find an impossibly beautiful green water lake.
The JEEp will fix it through the hotel manager otherwise it will make more money. Reserve jeep fare for the whole day is 2500 rupees. If you go to the share will be within 600/700 rupees.




Mirik from Darjeeling: (5th day)
Elevation 4905 feet. The distance from Darjeeling is 49 km. Mirik’s path from Darjeeling along the Nepal border. Lake Sumendu is notable to Miri. Gardens on one side of the lake, rows of pine trees on the other. And the two banks are connected by a rainbow bridge. There are boats to go around the lake, there are horse riding arrangements (100 rupees per person). Many parts of Nepal’s mountains can be seen from here.
Ilam, Nepal: (last day)


Several parts of Nepal are under the Government of India. So even if you go a lot inside by jeep from 0 points, it takes you to Hawaii, India. Ilma is the first district after crossing the border by showing the transit visa by getting off the jeep near the border of Nepal. Although the financial situation here is bad, after 2 minutes the liquor store is in sight. Buses to Kathmandu are available from here. People here do not understand Bengali well. You have to speak in Hindi. And the Indian rupee is much more valuable than the Nepalese currency.




At the end of the trip, we return to our motherland Bangladesh. At the time of returning, there is a hotel called Buri Hotel on the Burimari border.  you can come and eat there.
Maybe I will write again about a new travel story.
Stay well and have a nice trip.


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