A touch of the cosmos on the way to the Naf River.

Touch the heavens on the way to the Naf River.
Next to the Naf River, you will see the fog-covered hills of Teknaf at several levels.

On the night of December 16th, I returned from St. Martin’s on December 16th.
6 people came to Aslam (from Chittagong) at TK. 3000 / – per person,
The cost is higher because it is the flower season.





And we went to “Carey Cruise and Dine” at TK. 600 / – per person,
Carey can go to Sindabad for TK. 550 / -,
The two ships left Kerry Ghat together at 9:15 am.





I think this time of winter in December is the best time to visit St. Martin.

Do not throw any garbage or packets in St. Martin or Naf River by yourself,
Rather, if you see someone throwing, explain and forbid.

I have seen many people throwing water chips in the river / sea with packets of chips.
But there are dustbins on every side of the ship,
Even Mike is forbidden.






Treat nature like your own bedroom,
Keep nature beautiful,
Otherwise, blue water beaches will not be found in this country.

Bangladesh may be fined under international environmental law if our domestic water / chips packaging floats to other countries’ borders.
Besides, there is also the matter of an image.


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