A trip to Muktagachha and Madhupur in a Day.

The 3 spots of these two Upazilas of Mymensingh and Tangail located nearby can be easily visited in one day.
In the middle of the class test, I went out at 8:30 in the morning with 5 friends. We rented an auto from our Bangladesh Agricultural University campus for 20 Tk per person at Townhall Junction 6


From there we went to Kalibari Bazar (after crossing Muktagachha) for CNG fare of 80 rupees. From this market, I went to Chalara Bazaar by van for 15 tk.


A very secluded area. This forest will fall just 10 minutes walk from Chalara Bazaar. The narrow paved road of the village has gone through the chest of the dense Shalban. If you walk down the road and walk in the forest, you will see a huge lake. He is an enchanted environment A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy the stillness. You can walk around the lake. There is a machang for sitting in the middle. The villagers are collecting firewood from the forest, a great environment.


I got a van from the road in the middle of the forest I got on that van and went to Rasulpur for 35 tk.

# Madhupur_Garh
Part of Madhupur National Park. Here you will be greeted by some very enthusiastic group of monkeys There is a watch-tower but it is locked for unknown reasons. Here you can easily have a picnic with the group with the permission of the forest department, you will see that the monkeys do not run with the food on your plate. Do not bite while playing with monkeys. After crossing the picnic spot, if you go a little further, you will see a paddy field. Rice is occasionally cultivated in Shalban. I crossed the field and entered the forest again. After walking for 10 minutes in the forest, we came to the pineapple field, showing that banana is also cultivated in an integrated manner. There is no noise The mind is bound to be good when it comes to such a place, as well as because of the different beauty of the place.


This time I took a van from Rasulpur to Chaprabazar for 30 tk. The route was Rasulpur – 25 miles – Ghughurbazar – Chaprabazar.

If you walk about 20 minutes from Chaprabazar, you will get this rubber garden We were supposed to go to Pirgachha Rubber Garden. But the location doesn’t tell us exactly. We discovered this completely unknown garden with adventurous feelings about Van Walla. That is why we have had to travel a lot in our vans and have been lucky enough to see several beautiful villages in Madhupur. The garden is very beautiful in one word. It is so beautiful to see trees planted in parallel in a geometric way White resin made of rubber is constantly rolling from the tree.
The sunlight falling diagonally in the rubber garden has created a wonderful obsession with the light base. When you come to this place, your mind will calm down automatically. Such a wonderful place inside the village fascinated and amazed us all I saw someone coming from a distance in a horse-drawn carriage with wood. Only banana and pineapple fields around the garden. With the cultivation of papaya is widespread. Seeing this beautiful and secluded rubber garden, we took the path to our campus


This time I drove from Chaprabazar to Bazar 25 miles away. Before reaching 25 miles, I went down to Jalchhatra Bazaar and ate the sweet pineapple of Bangladesh famous Madhupur Auto rent was 30 tk 7
From here I went to Muktagachha bus stand for 50 tk CNG fare. There I filled my stomach with khasir biryani for 140 tk at Kalamia restaurant and took a van for 5 tk. Before that, I performed Maghrib prayer in the big mosque. Alhamdulillah, a very beautiful mosque. The mosque is very large and its architecture and craftsmanship are worth seeing. If someone comes to Muktagachha, you must see the mosque. I rented CNG from Muktagachha bus stand for 40 tk and went to Mymensingh town hall junction. From there I rented an auto for 20 tk and moved to Pran’s campus
Thanks for reading this article with patience.

# Cost
20 + 60 + 15 + 35 + 30 + 30 + 50 + 140 + 5 + 25 + 5 + 40 + 20 = 475 TK (per person)
# If anyone wants to come from Dhaka, take any bus going to Mymensingh to Mymensingh and then from there through town hall to Muktagachha, Madhupur. You can also come directly to Muktagachha bus. You can also take a bus to Jamalpur, in which case you will get off at Muktagachha. The rent will be 120-220 rupees per person

# Must see all places in the afternoon: It may be difficult to get vehicles in the evening. In this case, you must keep in mind the safety

# Be friendly with local Bengalis or tribals. They are village people, very simple and good You need their support along the way, keep that in mind

# Wherever you go, please don’t throw away indigestible products. Keep the environment beautiful. Because the country belongs to all of us


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