A village arranged like an impossibly beautiful picture.

I had a beautiful morning that was impossible to please. What an impossibly beautiful village arranged like a picture. Looks like I’m dreaming. After crossing the Tamabil border, Dauki Bazaar is one kilometer away. After spending a night in Dauki and entering the village in a jeep in the morning with a small group of 10 people from the Eco Tourism and Adventure Club, I felt a deep pain in my heart. If only we had a village like this. I look around the place with a sigh of relief, and am amazed. Mawlinnong Village was named the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. The distance from Daoki to the village is only 35 kilometers. Mawlinnong is a small village in the Eastern Khasi Hills district in the Indian state of Meghalaya. Surrounded by hills, jungles and waterfalls on the border of India and Bangladesh, this village has developed into one of the tourist destinations of Meghalaya. What a wonderful Sushma across the village. Dense blue sky, lush green vegetation, a variety of flowering butterflies. The houses are beautifully decorated. There is a garden in front of the house, clean yard, planned accommodation, peace of mind, chirping of birds, no overnight accommodation, modern facilities. The courtyard of the house decorated with stones, the house on the tree platform, the arrangement of sitting on the side of the hill. If it is associated with human education, the combination of tastes, then there is no question.







There is a lot to learn from the village full of natural cosmos. Everyone in this village is educated, the impression of beautiful taste is everywhere. The dustbins are beautiful too; Strangely enough, there is no use of plastic. No, the village is not the best in the world just by keeping the village clean. The clothes of the people of the village, the houses, everything is very bright and tidy. No one can throw anything here, no one can be mistreated, picking flowers or tearing leaves is forbidden. As soon as you enter the village, you will see a brief description of the instructions for tourists, that is, what you have to follow. No resident of the village throws garbage everywhere but they are now insisting on stopping the use of plastic completely. To protect the forest and greenery of the village, Maolinong residents regularly plant trees.






As soon as one descends down the slope of the village, which rises up the hillside, one hears the murmur of the water flowing over the rhyme. When you go down the winding road, you can see the bridge of living roots. At first glance, it seems mysterious that the magical bridge has been built over the river of fairy tales. Alive – maybe move now. This ‘Living Route Bridge’ built on the roots of a tree on a hillside in the village, intertwined like a thread, is enough to fill anyone’s mind with curiosity. Apart from the Living Route Bridge, there are many other things to see in the village, such as Tree House, Sky View from where the border of Bangladesh can be seen. This amazing beauty can be enjoyed with only 20 TK.




I could not spend the whole day due to lack of time, I want to stay one night, I will wear the beauty of nature. We are so close to such an incredibly beautiful place, it is amazing to think. This village can be reached from Sylhet through Tamabil border in just one day. To visit the village in comfort, two days is enough. Most of the Bangladeshi rupees will cost 6 to 8 thousand rupees. Come visit this unbearably beautiful village. In fact, we have forgotten to breathe beautifully. Filled with life, at least one day there is no breathing. When I come back, I show the pictures to everyone in my village. Maybe me, none of you can change anything, but what’s wrong with trying.


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