A warning notice.

Those who go to bed or are planning to go will not stay after dusk in any way, try to return to the city with daylight.




Fact: 2 weeks ago we went on a trip to Bichanakandi with our university friends. We were 2 girls and 10 boys. After taking a bath there, after seeing the beautiful nature for a while, it was almost evening when we came back to Goainghat. There was our reserved microbus. When we got on the microbus, we saw our driver talking to another microbus driver brother and we He came and said wait a minute, we will go in two cars together, meanwhile there is a fear of robbers. At that time, no one was aware of the matter, but at that time, we had no idea what was waiting for us. So we went out together in two cars towards the city. Most people sleep because everyone is very tired on the go. I am also half asleep in the car. Suddenly I woke up and saw a truck driver brother coming from the opposite direction talking to our microbus driver brother. His words were like this: there is a dacoit in front, don’t stop the car, go away at 1 o’clock, keep the road closed, go away. Some other people including me have lost their sleep. A few more boys, including two girls, were asleep then. The driver also got quite worried. Yet on that broken road he began to drive with such force. Going to the front, I saw a few cars parked a little far away. Then it was decided that all the cars would go together. Our car was in front of everyone and the two girls who were sleeping were by the window so I woke them up and put them in the middle. So on the way to the front, 1 small bridge fell, as soon as I got down from the bridge, I saw 2 big stones in the middle of the road, the driver’s brother did not take the car out on the right side in his mind without stopping. The same situation on the way. This time he cut the car on the right side without stopping and went out and the cars in the back came out in the same way. After going a little farther, the real story of those who were asleep at that time was told. I got the courage to think. I’ve never had this experience before in my life, and I don’t want that either. By the infinite mercy of Allah, we were able to come back alive in Sahih Salamat on that day. But when we came back, there were a lot of people in the ghat and they dropped us off and ran towards the city, I don’t know what happened to them.





Those of you who go must keep one thing in mind, you must tell the driver not to forget to stop the car and keep the window glass closed. As far as I can remember the robbers were just below the bridge because I noticed all around, the paddy fields were all empty, the fields were dry and there was no one there.

Finally many thanks to the unfamiliar driver brother who warned us with this information. God bless you, brother. And I wish you a happy journey 🙂


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