A wonderful beach trip to Kovalam.

Kovalam is by far the only beach that captivated me at first sight. Although, mountains are my first choice among all things in nature. So it is not just a matter of going to the mountains. Along with the call to go crazy in the mountains, the drunkenness and madness of the sea is also very good. Although I have gone to the mountains countless times, I have never gone to the sea less than once. So far we have seen various seas, our Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata, Chittagong, several beaches in Goa, India and Kanyakumari. Nothing compares to our St. Martin. Only if we talk about the fascination of nature without the environment. It’s not that I didn’t like the different colors and shapes of these different beaches. Always loved it.



But there is no such thing, being fascinated by something for the first time, one may be taken aback at the first sight, except for the mountains, Kovalam is the only beach that is a little surprised to see from a distance and take a closer look at it face to face. When I saw him for the first time, I was looking at him with fascinated eyes and steadfast gaze. I wanted to stand still without moving a single foot and just go and see with my two eyes.



But there is no such way, there was not. The boy and his mother are with him. Even for them, now they have to find a room to stay the night before. If I was alone, I would have enjoyed the blue waters of Kovalam, the white waves, the silver waves, the drunken breeze, and the coconut groves without finding a room. As long as there were strength and strength of mind in the body and I could keep my eyes open and forget my hunger. Yes, just then I would sit still, on the sands of Kovalam, on the green grass carpet, lost in the dense coconut forest, leaning silently on the lap of a mountain and keeping my eyes on the wide expanse of Kovalam’s horizon.



When I got on the train from Tribhuvannapuram to Kanyakumari to Kovalam, I still had the thought in my mind that I would do better if I stayed in Kanyakumari one more day. Kovalam would not have gone. Who knows what the unfamiliar beach will be like? If it is like Kanyakumari or Goa, then what will happen next? If I didn’t see anything new, I would have done better if I had stayed here.
However, after leaving the train from Kanyakumari, we forgot Kanyakumari and surprised ourselves. Why did I forget that as soon as I left the train, Kanyakumari would be told that story later?



So what I was saying … this time before going south, we did not do any part of the research we did on Chennai, Ooty, Kanyakumari with Kovalam. I was even skeptical about whether I would go to Kovalam or not. I thought if I had time, if I wanted to, I could either go for a walk or turn around or die a little on the way. So there was no excitement or excitement between us with this beach like other places. Another reason is that Kovalam is not a very familiar beach for us.



Coming from Kanyakumari to the capital of Kerala, the fascinating path of greenery on both sides of the train made us yearn for something that could not fade for even a short time. I got off at Tribhunnapuram station and got on a bus in about five minutes and where to get that bus. After overcoming this temporary problem, I reached the bus stand of Kovalam in an auto for 40 rupees. Getting out of the car, I bought a packet of chicken biryani to satisfy my temporary hunger. The rest will be seen later.


As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a huge red and yellow glass bus standing in the shade of a tree on the highway. Kovalam in front of the bus in the light of the big letters written in the prison! Without asking anyone else, I got up in threes with my bag. Uh, I got on the bus and my mind was filled with peace. Inside the bus, I saw the cold AC air and the arrangement of big seats.
The three of us chose the seat we wanted and sat down. We left the bus as soon as we got up. Ah, sitting in that very comfortable bus, we ate a temporary meal with biryani in threes. And then from the huge glass window of the bus, I started walking to see the green ceremony at the bend of the slightly sloping path on both sides



What a relief to be on the way from Tribhunnapuram station to Kovalam. Absolutely silent, lonely, solitary. There are no people, no houses or shops, no vehicles or cities. It’s as if our bus is just running on a winding, windy, lonely pitch free of people, settlements, pollution, and noise. A quiet environment, no talking anywhere, how many passengers of the bus are all sitting quietly like that. The three of us were the only ones who were a little naughty.


After about 25 minutes of the bus ride, it was as if a glimpse of a blue water beach was visible in the distance. As soon as I kept my eyes on it again, the blue water of the sea appeared again for a moment. It was as if the green tree and the huge mountain escaped with a little peek! So this time I kept looking away and told my son and his mother to see the blue water. They also looked through the glass window of the bus.



Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. The bus was crossing the hill and almost passing by the sea. Although the sea could not be seen, it was quite understandable to see the rows and rows of coconut trees. Seeing all this, the bus stopped in a hurry before I understood. Everyone is falling down. We have to get off too. I’m gone. The bus conductor informed. Come on, let’s all go down with our bags.


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