About 600 years old island: Kutubdia

@@ Why You should go:


There are no big waves like Cox’s Bazar, no blue water like St. Martin’s, yet seeing the sea here is one of the best adventures of my life.

The thing that happened here in Vallagas was that there was no crowd on the beach at this place, there was no chance to go to see the sea at two in the morning and see the flashlight like in Cox’s Bazar. And most of the people have a simple nature, they have a sense of hospitality. The business spirit of the people of Cox’s Bazar St. Martin is not yet fully developed. The two days we were there, we did not see any other tourist group, the people of the area do not seem to go to the beach without much need. Types who own their own beach for a while seem to have something. If you are lucky like us, if you get a football with three little playmates, then Eid Mubarak.




@@ How _to_ get there (from Chittagong):

The easiest, hassle-free, low-cost way to get there was by boat, which left Firingi Bazar Bridgeghat at 7 am (probably 6:30 in the summer). 100 TK and in three and a half hours without trembling you will reach Kutubdia in a very enchanted state. If you want to catch a boat, it is better to arrive before 6 o’clock. You have to get on a big boat in a small boat and you can get a place to sit on the boat if you go a little earlier.  it hurts in the last hour of the sun on the boat, it is better to stay with, umbrella or cap. You can go to Baraghop Bazar by CNG (Mahendra car) without going all the way by boat. You can go to Baraghop Bazaar (rent – one for 40 locals), we are getting down there after hearing that it will save a lot of time.

If you want to go to By road, there is an S Alam bus from New Bridge to Magnama Ghat or local CNG from Moizartek on the other side of the bridge Rent 180 Tk per person. From Magnama Ghat, cross Kutubdia Channel by boat or speedboat (rent 30 and 80 probably) to Baraghop Jetty Ghat (first picture). From Jetty Ghat to Baraghop Bazar by rickshaw (rent 30 Tk per rickshaw).


#  Where to Stay and eat:




There is probably only one place to stay for the kind of hotel type that is very close to the sea, Samudra Bilas I heard that it is not so crowded except on Friday, but if anyone goes, please contact me (01722086847).


In kutubdia to eat very well, there is a possibility of a little disappointment. But not bad, a fairly good meal is like in a hotel.
I heard the name of Hotel New Medina and Cafe de Alam near Samudra Bilas.

Friends said that the Paan here is better, it is brought from Maheshkhali. You can test it from the shop below the hotel.






# Everything you can see:
Leaving bags at the hotel like us and changing clothes at sea
You can go and take a bath. In the afternoon you can go to the wind power station (the two pictures on the right are taken there). Local CNG fare from Baraghop Bazaar is 10 TK and the reserve is 100 TK. The afternoon spent on the shores of the wind power plant will probably be one of the best afternoons in life. You can come back after sunset and go back to the sea after dinner, this side is safe.



The next morning after breakfast 400 TK to come and go 1-1: 30 hours to go to the lighthouse and go to the lighthouse to see the lighthouse is a little disappointed and look to the left to see one of the most beautiful beaches in life. The small Zhou tree, it is like a forest (Picture No. 3), then Sagarpara. No one wanted to get up in the shade of a palm tree.



After that, you can go out with your bag and see the famous shrine of Kutubdia and go back to Byroad, which means Baraghop Jetty-Magnama Ghat (Pekua) -Chittagong. And those who have not seen the salt farm, CNG, or rickshaw puller will stop on the road.

There is also an option to back to the boat, but only one boat a day from Kutubdia to Chittagong, and it is at nine in the morning.

N.B. – there is no current, generator, and solar power. If you don’t bring a power bank, you will be in a mess, Without Light, there is less time without electricity. So winter is probably the ideal time to visit here.


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