Adventure activities of Nepal tour.

One of the many reasons to visit Nepal was to experience the highest levels of adrenaline in the blood. So adventure activity was predominant throughout the 5 night 6 day tour. Full credit for making your own Manmat tour plan a reality goes to Nepali friend Raziv’s friend Mahesh and Sharad’s Sun N Fun Holidays team. At the same time, there was a special discount given by them in every event. This time I will talk about the main 4 attractions of this tour, namely adventure activities.
In the case of bungee, I arranged the tour keeping in mind The Last Resort. Later, while researching zipflying, I came to know about the high ground Nepal bungee in Pokhara. Although the tower bungee jumps from a height of 60 meters, I changed the plan to save time and cost. The bungee and zipflying combo offer in Highground Nepal costs 109 US dollars. In addition, the cost of pictures and videos is 25 US dollars. I also received a certificate and a t-shirt. And of course there are hotel escorts. Note here that it is the highest and longest zipline in the world.
We did paragliding with Golden Haven next to our hotel. The total cost, including photos and videos, is ইউ 75 per person.










I have been rafting on the Trishuli river for more than 2 hours on my way back to Kathmandu from Pokhara. The cost per person is 35 US dollars. Fun lunch was also free with irresistible joy.
I have shared my plan with Mahesh to stay in the country. He has made all the arrangements just like my mind. There Sharad reviews our device plan every day. That is why I have seen and done what I wanted even in such a busy time. These two people did not bother for a moment to meet our limitless needs. We also had no problem making hot hits anywhere as Bikash was a cooperative minded driver.
And speaking of experience, I didn’t feel any fear just before jumping into the bungee. The moment to jump is really scary. Newton’s law of gravity, the law of the falling object in the head, all disappears, and the head becomes completely empty. But his next feeling is extraordinary. An irresistible love for life is born. So I think you should play bungee at least once in your life!
Zipflying is a very fun event. At the beginning there is a very downward motion but after going to the middle it seems to be going very slowly and smoothly. And the feeling of discovering yourself right in the middle of two mountains is really different!
Although paragliding may seem like a very innocuous ride, my first take off accident happened. I fell down the slope from the edge of the hill to get up before the appointed time. Everyone thought I might not do it again. But after 15 minutes of strong will, I can do it again successfully. If you want to see birds floating like birds, then paragliding is a must!
I also went rafting the next day with very low back pain which is the most enjoyable experience of my life. It was a little scary at first not to know how to swim, but later I thought it would be better if I could do it all day! Nothing compares to the joy of soaking in the rapids. The sky shook and the wind shouted “Chappu mar … heiyo …” and the memory of running everyone’s boat will live on forever. Until then, maybe the joy we left behind on the mountain, the collective song!
These adventure activities are more or less risky. So I will say two things. If you have a fear of heights, it is best not to do so. Fear alone gives rise to many accidents. And before doing any ride, you must listen carefully to each instruction. If you have any questions, please let us know.
Happy traveling 🙂


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