Again in the Annapurna Glacier.

Everyone has a lot of small dreams in life. I am no exception. Rather I think it is for these small dreams to actually survive. One such small dream was to walk on a glacier one day. Knee-deep feet can be covered in soft snow, it will be a lot of trouble, but still go ahead. I have to be careful every now and then, maybe there’s a crevasse under my feet – an abyss of ice, a death trap. Wherever the eyes go, only the white and cold kingdom knew that my dream would be fulfilled in the Himalayas. Again in the Annapurna Glacier. In 2014, I had the good fortune to take part in a mountaineering in Annapurna Massif. That’s when we had to trek for a long time over the Annapurna Glacier. The dream of walking in the snow came true but the whole expedition had to pay compensation.




The luck of the service was not really good for us. If not, why would there be a sudden depression in the Bay of Bengal and its effect would be snowfall day and night in the Himalayas thousands of miles away. The season when I was a little upset about not getting snow changed and became a cause for concern.






The first time I went on an expedition to the Nepal Himalayas, the experience was not too bad. Reaching the base camp by climbing a steep slope across the glaciers, removing the knee-deep snow, pitching the tent, the avalanche coming down from the Annapurna wall, the billions of stars seen in the clear night sky, I think mountaineering is the biggest test. Then he wrestled with the weight of a heavy plastic boot. Tighten the ribbon tightly with the fingers of the frozen hand. Keep walking on the path shown by Sherpa Wangchur by lighting the headlamp on the head in the dark of RP.





After a while, all the fantasies about mountaineering disappeared. At one time it seemed that it would be very exciting to walk in the deep snow. But in reality the work is very difficult. The energy of the body is running out in a moment. Repeatedly lifting the leg up to the knees and taking another step forward is out of breath. At the same time there is a lack of oxygen.






Gradually the sun rose in the eastern sky. The snowy mountains were filled with orange light. Gradually my strength began to wane and I began to fall behind the team. After two more hours we reached an equal place on the high camp. This is where the snow field before the rise of the main ridge begins. You have to climb this snowfield for about a kilometer and climb the steep walls of the ridge. The summit can be reached by climbing another 5 hours of RP.




I lay down where we were resting. Seeing me, Rabbi Bhai also laid down his body. We both felt like we hadn’t taken a nap. Let the rest go ahead. He will call us when we go down. The two of us slept comfortably on a large rock slab at an altitude of 5,000 meters. I did not sleep so comfortably in the base camp tent.

On the other hand, the rest of the team could not go too far. Yesterday’s snow covered all the crevasse’s face. It took them a long time to negotiate the Hidden Crevas. They also decided to return at some point as it would be dark to go to the summit. Then we crossed a long snowy path and reached the base camp. As soon as I took off my shoes from my feet, I thought how comfortable life is.


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