An island in the Bay of Bengal.

The deep waters of the Bay of Bengal all around. In the distance, one island after another and mangrove forests can be seen. It is like the union of green with water. In addition to the native birds, innumerable guest birds and smiles are flying one after the other and playing in the water. So the white buck team can be left behind! They are also flying and fishing. At this time of winter, there is no calculation of the number of guest birds, hawks and deer. The name of the place is Sonarchar. It is located in the middle of the Bay of Bengal in Rangabali upazila of Patuakhali district.






From Charkukari in the morning we set off in a small boat to see the guest birds, the mangrove forests of the various islands, the estuary of the Meghna River, the fishermen’s fishing and the waves of the Bay of Bengal. Seeing so many things together, my mind was filled with joy. Sonarchar has a beautiful sea beach, much of which is covered with green algae carpets. Undoubtedly, the sea beach, which is rich in various plants as well as the magnificent Zhaoban, will captivate the mind. As well as the magnificent view of the sunset can be seen from here. It is safe to say that those who like solitude will enjoy the island as there are very few tourists and no locality nearby. So if you want you can come back to be a goldsmith.






How to get there: To go to Sonarchar, it is better to become a Charkukari of Bhola Char Fashion. In the evening launch from Dhaka to Betua Ghat in Char Fashion Upazila of Bhola. Different launches of Tasarif, Farhan and Kornafuli series run on this route every day. Rent for single cabin 1000 TK, double cabin 1600/2000 TK, call 250 TK. Motorcycle / Easybike char fashion from Betua Ghat in the morning. Rent a motorcycle for 2 people 100 TK. It takes 25/30 minutes. South Aicha on the bus from Char Fashion. From there it is easy to Kachpiya Ghat. Or the tortoise ghat on a motorcycle from Char Fashion. Rent 2 people 200/250 TK. It takes 45 minutes. If you wish, you can go directly to Kachpiya Ghat from Betua Ghat by motorbike. Rent 300/350 TK. It takes about 1 hour. Charkukari by trawler / speed boat from Kachpiya Ghat. The trawler takes 1 / 1.30 hours. 20 minutes by speed boat. Trawler rent 40 TK. Speed ​​boat 150 TK per person. Reserve speed boat 1200 TK. From Kachchhpia Ghat to Charkukari trawlers at 12 noon and 4 pm and from Charkukari to Kachpiya trawlers at 9 am and 2 pm. Speedboats are available all day. Sonarchar by trawler / speed boat from Charkukari. The trawler takes 2 / 2.30 hours. Speed ​​boats take much less time. Small trawler rent is 2500/3000 TK. If you wish, you can also go directly to Sonarchar by trawler / speed boat from Kachpiya Ghat.





Where to stay: There is still no place to stay in Sonarchar. Since the place is secluded, everyone usually goes in the morning and returns in the evening. However, if there are more people, you can stay camping with permission from the forest department office. Of course, it is better not to stay here at night for safety. You can stay in Charmontaj nearby. It is best to stay in Charkukari. There is a new government resort in Charkukri. Double room rent at this state-of-the-art resort with all facilities is Rs. There are also a few tin boardings in the Charkukari market. The rent is low. If you are a budget traveler, you can stay there. You will find many food hotels in the cookery market and you will be able to buy the necessary items.
What to see: Lots of native birds as well as numerous guest bird fairs.
# Estuary of Meghna river.
# Great feeling to walk across the Bay of Bengal. # Various islands and mangrove forests.
# Fishing scene of the middlemen.
# Sonarchar’s green sea beach, Zhaoban and innumerable vegetation rich forests.
# Wonderful sunset.
Tip: Sonarchar is still very lonely, so it is better to make a big team. This will save on security as well as cost.
# Must take binoculars and life jacket with you.
# Bhola launches usually leave Dhaka at 5.30 / 6 pm. Departs from Betua Ghat for Dhaka at 4.30 / 5 pm. So go ahead and calculate the time.
# You must bargain for rent in all fields including motorcycles.
# There is no electricity in Charkukari. Lights are lit by solar at night. So keep the power bank with you and take the camera battery with full charge.
# There are no shops in Sonarchar. So take enough food and water with you. If you want you can take a bath. You must take caps and towels to protect yourself from the sun.
# If you wish, you can visit Sonarchar and Charkukari as well as other chars including Charmontaj, Shipchar, Taruadwip. It would be nice.
We did not find any polythene, packets of chips or empty bottles as there were no people in Sonarchar. So this place is still very clean. Those who go here or go somewhere else, please do not leave any garbage anywhere. Instead, bring it with you and throw it in a certain place or burn it. Our country is ours. So everyone’s responsibility is to keep our beautiful country clean.
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