Another bichanakandi of Sylhet is the famous white stone of Bholaganj.

Bholaganj is located in Kompaniganj of Sylhet district. It is surrounded by vast hills. Most of the hills fall in the Indian part. These are mainly the hills of the Indian state of Meghalaya. The Dhalai river with its green hills and beautiful blue water has multiplied the attraction of white stone many times over.

It is called another Bichanakandi but in my opinion, this place is much more beautiful than Bichanakandi. It is much easier to go here than to bed. Moreover, its stones are not as slippery as bed bugs. The magic of green, the cold water, the wonderful environment, the white stone all combined to make the white stone truly capable of captivating the heart.




How to get there – CNG goes directly from Amberkhana in Sylhet. However, in this case, the syndicate is. Try to go to local CNG. Then the rent will be 140 TK. Some of us had CNG all day and showed this greed and offered 1400 TK. Try to stay free of this kind of syndicate. CNG will take you to a place called Tuker Bazar in Companyganj. From there the white stone directly into the trawler. The rent will be 600 TK. A maximum of 10 people can get up in one trawler.





Everything is fine but the road was a little broken so there was a little trouble with the CNG.

Warning – the day we went there was heavy rain. Foolishly, a friend of mine wanted to go from one side to the other without our knowledge. God has brought him back from the brink of death. Please don’t make such a mistake. Wear a life jacket while swimming. And it is better to come back before evening because the place is borderline.





Eating – There are some hotels in Kompaniganj and White Stone. However, the quality is not much better.

And please don’t make the place dirty while visiting everyone. Otherwise, after a while, its condition will be like that of Bichanakandi. These places are national assets of our country, so we have to take care of their maintenance.


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