Arial Bill Traveluge.

Arial Beel is a lowland area of ​​about 136 sq km, located between the rivers Padma and Dhaleshwari, south of Dhaka. It is located in Srinagar, Munshiganj. From Srinagar Bazar in Munshiganj, a road goes straight to Arial Beel. On the way, after passing the village of Shyam Siddhi, go further to Gadighat. The Arial Bill originally originated from Gadighat. Toi in the water in the rainy season, vast fields dried up in the winter. Due to its proximity to Dhaka, it is possible to go very early in the morning and return to Dhaka in the evening.


How to go:


Arial Bill can be visited in one day from Dhaka. Any bus from Gulistan in Dhaka to Mawa will have to get off at Vejbazar in Srinagar. Rent 50 to 70 TK. The best bus on this route is ‘ILISH’ transport and BRTC. From there you have to go straight to Gadighat by battery-powered rickshaw. Rent 250 to 350 TK. From there, rent a good trawler for a few hours and come back to Arial Bill. After leaving Arial Bill, you will get a rickshaw to return to Gadighat.
I came back from Arial Bill a month ago with some of my college senior brothers. We didn’t have lunch with hilsa at Mawa ferry terminal before going to Bill. Then come to Srinagar. After a two-hour boat ride to see the sunset, we set off for Dhaka. The cost per person was approximately 700-800 TK. It can vary greatly depending on the need and population.


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