Bagalek and Keokradong, Bandarban.

On the night of the 17th I started my journey from Dhaka to Bandarban. Arriving in Bandarban in the morning, after breakfast, first go to Ruma Bazar bus stand. I boarded the 9 o’clock bus. Then began the journey up the hill, up and down the mountain road, on one side of the terrible valley. But you will forget all the fears in the form of the mountain. 10-15 minute break after reaching Y junction. Then you have to enter the name at the Ruma Army check post. You can take food and water from here. Three hours later I reached Ruma Bazaar. You have to go here and take the guide. There are many guide numbers in TOB and you can contact them in advance. I went to Ruma Bazar Army Camp with the guide.

He said he has to go today and come back today. The bus will not run after 12 noon tomorrow because of the Upazila election the day after tomorrow. The sky broke over our heads. How can I stay here for one night? I requested many times but it didn’t work. I sat for about an hour thinking what to do. Then I decided to go. The two of us set off on a motorbike towards Bagalek at 1 pm. After 1 hour I reached Bagale. I thought I would go up to Keokradong today. As soon as I go to the army camp, I say I will go to Keokradong. They said the same thing. We said we would go to Keokdang today and leave by 12 o’clock tomorrow night.







I made many requests. They said to stay in Bagale because there is no entry in Keokradong after 8 o’clock. Then at 2:30 p.m. We said no problem, we will arrive before 8 o’clock. Then maybe seeing us, the army got excited and told us to leave early. We were not allowed to actually believe. I ate eggs and bananas and left at 3:00. If I didn’t eat heavy food, it would take more time to get up. I can walk and think, can I? Then the hard sun again. Meanwhile, there is 3 hours. I went as fast as I could. Sometimes I took rest. The first 1 hour is more ups and downs, the pain is more. Then after half an hour I saw the house in Darjeeling neighborhood. I took a rest here for 20 minutes and you must eat the tamarind juice with pure nectar. Then the journey started again.







When the sun was on the horizon I saw the peak of Keokradong. All the fatigue and suffering were gone. When we go to make an entry at 5:30 p.m. Alhamdulillah we were able to reach the peak in two and a half hours. Before I get up, I buy a bucket of water, take a bath and watch the sunset. There was a lot of digging but there will be no food before 9 o’clock, many tourists. What else to do, I climbed to the top and continued to eat chad. In the distance you will see the light of Sangsang Para. The very next morning I started my journey for Bagalek again. On the way I spent some time in the shrimp fountain. After bathing Bagale, I ate lunch and left for Ruma. From here to Bandarban. Then in the afternoon I started my journey for Dhaka.






Cost (one) –
* Dhaka> Bandarban – 1240 / = (going and coming)
* Bandarban> Ruma Bus Stand – 15 * 2 = 30 / = (Auto)
* Ruma bus fare – 110 * 2 = 220 / =
* Ruma> Bagalek – 200 * 2 = 400 / =
* Light meal at noon – 60 / =
* Keokradong Room-200 / =
* Dinner – 200 / =
* Breakfast – 40 / =
* Lunch – 150 / =

* Daily – 600 / =
* You have to bear the cost of accommodation, food and travel.
* For this reason, it is better if there are more people, but 1 guide for 15 tourists.

1. The last bus from Bandarban to Ruma is at 4 pm and the last bus from Ruma to Bandarban is at 3:30 pm.
2. Last entry at 4 pm at Ruma Army checkpost.
3. Must take photocopy of National Identity Card.
4. Don’t let the herd swim. Although bathing is forbidden, it does not say anything.
5. Keep adequate drinking water and saline when climbing.
. In the rainy season, you must take sandals with good grip.
. Do not misbehave with the hills. Do not take pictures without permission.
. The last entry at Keokradong is at 6 pm, but the seasons may change.
9. 300 / = per night to have a good view at Keokradong
10. 200 / = in Bagale
11. Try not to take Bengali guide.
12. Go in winter or rainy season. In summer nature will get rough.
13. Contact to stay at Keokkradong-0170436973 (Lala Bom)
14. You can go to Jeokradong by jeep.


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