Bagalek on a winter morning.

Travel: (Details at Bagalek I am just giving the rates that have changed)

To go to Bagalek, you must first go to Rumabazar. From Bandarban city you have to go to Ruma Bazar first by bus, boat or moon car. You have to reserve a new jeep / moon car from Ruma Bazar to Kamala Bazar. However, in the rainy season, landslides often lead to a place called 11 miles. However, in the dry season, the moon car reaches Bagalek. The road from Rumabazar to 11 miles or Kamalabazar is sure to give you a taste of free roller coaster ride. The steep hill rises from the side of Kamalabazar in the sky, at the top of which is Bagalek. 20-30 minutes up the hill from Kamalabazar, Bagalek will catch your eye. And if the car goes up to 11 miles, you have to walk from there to Kamalabazar first, in this case the trekking time will take one and a half to two hours. However, after 4 pm, Bagamek had to leave the army camp with a guide from Ruma Bazaar and leave for Bagalek. After 4 pm, there will be no permission from the army camp and the road is not safe for night driving.





The second route is tasteless, like a rollercoaster ride, but a little long and arduous, but not like a mountain canal or jhiri. From Rumabazar to Bagalek to walk along a jhiri path. This road is about 16 kilometers long. It will take about 6 hours. Only those who are physically and mentally tough and want to experience an exciting journey in life will think of going this route. This is a real challenge. However, it is better to avoid Jhiri in the rainy season, there is a risk of flash flood or Haraka Ban. This path is as difficult as it is visually pleasing. In this way, your suffering will seem insignificant to the natural scenery.






Moon car
From Ruma Bazar to Bagalek (Kamala Bazar) the rate of moon car fare is TK. 2700 / -. If the road to Bagalek is good, you have to pay extra 500 TK.

Get a guide from Ruma Bazaar. You need to record your name and address along with the name of the guide in the army camp. Without a registered guide, you will not be allowed to proceed from the army camp. Guide has to pay 600 / – per day!






Where to stay
There are many cottages to stay in Boga Lake, the boarding cottages of Siam Didi, Robert Da and Laram Bom are famous. On December 16, about 400 people came to Bagale.
The cost of staying in the room is 200 TK per person. Food ranges from 80 to 200 based on items like eggs, vegetables, meat etc. Some cottages build a loft over the lake. You will find food wherever you are, but order what you eat with cooking time in advance.


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