Bagalek Para, Bandarban.

Although I could not bring the lake in the photo, but sitting by the window on a quiet night, you will not notice when they fall asleep, you will be surprised to see stars (meteorites) almost falling from the sky.
But there are not many days when you can’t see such a starry sky due to light pollution in Bagalek. The paving of the road up to Bagalek has already started. 😞
Let’s talk a little about how to go. There are two ways to go








1. Non-AC buses from Dhaka to Bandarban cost Tk 650, AC Tk 900, Hyundai Tk 1300-1400. After breakfast you will go straight to Ruma Bazar bus station from 8.30 am onwards. After one hour bus fare is 120 Tk



. It will take two and a half hours to go to Ruma Bazar. You have to go to Ruma Bazar by bus and fix the guide Chad’s car or Land Cruiser has to be fixed with, Chad’s car 2500 Tk, Land Cruiser 2000 Tk. For those who go 6-7 people, the best cruise of the cruiser is less and does not require sand, there is also a tent. Chad’s car will go down to Kamalapara. From there you have to walk for about 20 minutes to reach the edge of a steep hill, then Bagalek
2. From Bandarban you can go to Ruma Bazar by a trawler, the Akabaka Sangu river flowing through the bottom of the hill will be much better. Rent 3500 rupees, 10-12 people can go by boat. It will take 3 hours
I came by trawler on the bus to Bagalek, so you can plan as you like


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