Bangkok to Phuket: Cheapest way

Down to 3rd level of Subarnavumi Airport you may find AIRLINK ticket counter, get the ticket to PHYA THAI, cost 45TBH/person—>after reaching PHYA THAI dont get down to road to find transport, take the connecting bridge to nearest BTS skytrain station—>get the BTS ticket to VICTORY MONUMENT, cost 15TBH/person—–>get down from the BTS skywalk to road on left side, there you may find a traffic circle, which is called victory monument. The steps you have used for getting down, end to a bus station—> get onto the bus no. 28, cost 17TBH/person to Southern Bus Terminal, They call this terminal SAI TAI MAI….yes you have to say you wana got to SAI TAI. Now you have reached at SAI TAI. Find a building at the terminal, dont worry only one building out there. On the 2nd level of the building you may find a market and the bus counters to PHUKET are there. Bus fare to PHUKET starts from 650TBH/person to 974TBH/person. Best schedule for bus is 7.00 PM. After 12 hours—> YOU R IN PHUKET….cheers
Things to remember: 1. Thais do not know English. Use only the key word for communicating with them. 2. There is an information center at every station, i. e. airport, BST station, Bus terminal. Get the help from there and always GET THE MAP FROM THE INFORMATION CENTER. 3. You have to gather a good knowledge over map before traveling.


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