Bangladeshis will need a ticket of Rs 740 to visit the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India is known all over the world. Emperor Shah Jahan built this Taj Mahal as a token of love for his wife Mumtaz, which people from many parts of the world visit. And the authorities have to face a lot of problems for the crowd of tourists who come to see the Taj Mahal. For this reason, the authorities have increased the entrance fee to cope with the tourist crowd.




From now on, the entrance fee to the Taj Mahal has been increased to Rs 1,300 for foreigners from outside South Asia. A new visit fee to the Taj Mahal has been in effect since last Monday.




For Bangladeshis, a ticket of Rs 740 will be required to enter the Taj Mahal. Earlier it was Rs 540. Tickets of Rs 740 will be applicable for tourists from SAARC countries including Bangladesh.




Earlier, Indian tourists could visit the Taj Mahal for Rs 50. Now, on a Rs 50 ticket, Indians can only visit the Taj Mahal and the banks of the Jamuna River. Indians will have to pay a ticket of Rs 250 to enter the main tomb of the Taj Mahal.


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