Barisal Travel Statement.

I could not visit many places due to lack of time but I visited as a district, I tried to cover 5 districts. The launch started from Dhaka to Barisal. There are many launches in Barisal, I wanted to go to Manami but I went to Kuakata 2 as the service was closed. If you want, you can also go to the traditional paddle steamer. From there take the bus to Jhalakati, then to the reserved Kirtipasha zamindar house in Jhalakati, now it is nice to walk in the abandoned but creepy environment inside the girls’ school and on the right, left and front but be careful, while there It is better not to raise a place like this.




Auto Bhimruli Floating Bazaar after visiting Zamindar Bari, it is good to know that Floating Bazaar of Barisal is spread over Barisal, Jhalokati, and Pirojpur 3 districts. It can enjoy the whole natural environment and enter small canals that cannot be reached by trawlers. Now that the month of August is over, the guava market is almost over, you can see other fruit and vegetable bikinis including mangoes. After the tour, you can have lunch at the floating hotel of Baudi.



From Bhimruli you can drive to Karapur Mosque which was originally built in the 1800s and is now known as Miyabari Mosque. After visiting the mosque, come to Nathullabad bus stand via Navgram Road. From here you can go by auto to Guthia Mosque and on the way, you will go to Durgasagar Dighi, visit these two places and come back to Nathullabad bus stand from where you can get a bus to Kuakata. Buses to Kuakata are also available from Rupatli bus stand every half an hour but they are local, fares for 240 people, stopping will take about four and a half hours to pick up passengers but you can take a long route bus from Nathullabad in just 3 hours with an extra TK 50/60. Kuakata.



The first thing to do after arriving in Kuakata is to fix the hotel, there are many hotels, it is better to buy a room by yourself without booking in advance because the rates here fluctuate a lot and you have to bargain a lot. Hotel Sea Queen, Taj, Sunflower are near these beaches, a short walk away are Hotel Sandy, Nilanjana, Luxury Hotel Graver Inn, Kuakata Grand, and many rest houses on the right side of the beach. You must check the room before bargaining or you will regret it. If you can come in the afternoon and have a refreshing meal, then go around by bike or van to watch the sunset. In my opinion, it is better to go in a van because you can see the surroundings and when you go by bike, they rush and come and the bikers are very commercial, they talk about so many spots for a while because the whole place is not a separate spot. If you have time, you can walk on both sides of the beach and if not, on the right side of the beach, that means you must go to the side of the lemon grove, if you can see the sunset, it will be remembered forever. If these are not possible on the first day, go around the next day. A little further to the left of the beach, you will find a Sea Tourism stall, from where you can buy a boat trip ticket at 10 am the next day at 250 per person. You can have a barbecue at night and if you eat rice, you must eat in a package, then go to sleep.



The boat will leave for Fatra Char at 10 am the next day. It is next to Kuakata but in Barguna district. Like the Sundarbans, it is a wildlife sanctuary. Those who have not been to the Sundarbans will understand what the Sundarbans is like. On the way you will find some amazing views when the fishing trawler passes the boat will sway violently when you wear the river and sea estuary you will see clearly that the color of the water is different. After visiting Fatra Char, Kuakata will come again. If you want, you can stay in Kuakata today. Otherwise, there is a direct bus to Dhaka to back. If you want to back in the launch, you can come to Barisal / Patuakhali. If you want to go through Barisal, you can go around 30 godowns or Barisal University if you want before getting on the launch. It will cost around 3000-4000 TKper person depending on the comfort. Place. The more people, the lower the cost.

Do not do anything that harms the environment while going around. Be vigilant so that your next generation can enjoy the same beauty. The locals must make good use of it. They are your guide.


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