Bashankhali Beach and Tea Garden, Chittagong Travelogue.

On the morning of the 29th of last month, five friends left the Bashankhali-bound bus from Bahaddarhat bus terminal at 8.15 am and got off the first bus at Gunagari. Bus fare is 60 rupees per person. We crossed the Sangu river and reached Chanpur at the beginning of Bashankhali at 8.30 am. Reserve tea from Chanpur to tea garden at 150 rupees. This tea-garden is arranged in layers of high and low hills and hilly plains over a huge area. Seen from a distance, the hills look a lot like ‘green hats’. And the tea garden looks like a green carpet. There is also an opportunity to watch the process of processing tea leaves with permission.

Then I could not believe the beauty of the tea garden on the level land on the hill. This tea garden has a different meaning from other tea gardens in Bangladesh and that is wild elephants. From a distance, I noticed an elephant coming out of the tea garden. Not only elephants but also herds of elephants can be seen if the luck is good. According to the tea workers, almost every afternoon, evening and night, elephant herds attack this garden and the surrounding area. But in some special places, elephants are often anagona. And if you see an elephant herd in a hurry, you must be careful to avoid an accident.

After a three-hour tour of the tea garden, I rented a CNG from the gate of the tea garden and went back to Chanpur Bazar with CNG. However, you can rent local CNG for 30 rupees. From Chanpur, I rented CNG for Tk 25 per person and moved to Gunagari, where I had lunch at Cafe Red Chile for Tk 115 per person.
The next destination is the beach, there are several points here. We plan to visit Katharia, Khankhanabad and Kadmarsul.
Bailchhari market rents CNG from Gunagari for 10 rupees. I went down to Bailchhari and entered the traditional vizier’s house (Khan Bahadur’s house). The builder of this house, Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmad, was a member of the Bengal Parishad during the British rule in Greater Chittagong and Comilla.

After leaving Khan Bahadur’s house, I went to Katharia Point on a reserve CNG for 180 rupees. Although you can add local CNG for 35 rupees. Two huge fish cages can be seen in the crowd. Walking along the narrow road in the middle of the fish pond, I saw a little bit of what I saw, I could not imagine it would be so beautiful. On one side there is a neatly lined palm grove, on the other a dense paragon and in the middle a narrow ditch in the middle of the green desert across the beach. Walking past the canal to the south of the canal, you can see swamp forests and mangrove forests. Then at the northern end of the canal turns the huge green desert and Zhaoban. After spending a few hours, I walked back to the local small market (Chanuti Bazaar). From this market CNG reserve is rented at Tk. 200 at Khankhanabad point. Let’s go and add local CNG. Rent from Chanuti Bazar to Bashir Ullah Miaji Bazar is 15 Taka, from Bashir Ullah to Mosharraf Ali Hat is 10 Taka. The fare from Musharraf Ali to Khankhanabad point is 15 rupees. Well-equipped embankment at Khankhanabad point, the roar of the sea and the huge embankment when the embankment collapses. Numerous small and big fishing trawlers / boats are floating in the sea and small trucks carrying marine fish and hilsa from some trawlers and boats are coming to Chittagong city. Walk 20-25 minutes north from Khankhanabad point to Kadmarsul point. On one side of this point is the estuary of the river Sangu. There is nothing new to say about this point, especially our fascination with palm trees. The enchanting view of red crabs and sunsets across the vast beach adds a different dimension.
At Bashankhali beach, there are seven or eight points including #Premashia_Kadamarsul_Khankhanabad_Baharchhara_Ratnapur_Katharia_Saral_Gandamara.

It has been an opportunity to visit several beaches in Bangladesh. Bashankhali beach can be compared to Cox’s Bazar, and Kuakata will be far behind. Due to lack of publicity, it has remained invisible to all.

After the evening I came to Gunagari from Khankhanabad with CNG and the fare was 30 rupees per person. Buy a ticket from Gunagari for Tk 80 and take a bus to Bahaddarhat bus terminal.

যারা Those who come from Dhaka and other places can taste the traditional food host in Chittagong for dinner. For this you have to come to Chawkbazar from Bahaddarhat bus terminal by mini bus No. 1 with a fare of Tk. You can also reserve CNG and rent 60-70 rupees. If you have a mezzan next to the People’s Hospital in Chawkbazar, you can get a host package of Tk 250 per person at Aywin Restaurant. Then from Chawkbazar you will come to the front of Gariullah Shah Mazar gate at GEC junction. From there there are all the bus counters in the country. Every ten minutes, one bus leaves for Dhaka. Rent at Rs. 480 per person (non-AC).

[Those who will come from Dhaka]
The total cost will be 1600-1600 rupees
Moreover, the cost of the train will be a little less.
And those who catch the budget traveler’s mail train at 10:30, in fact, the total cost will be less than 1 thousand.


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