Bashankhali Beach, Chittagong

Bashankhali beach is 36 km wide along the coast of Banshkhali 40 km south of Chittagong city. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sea. The vast expanse of water and the vastness of the sea will add a different dimension to the journey. The red carpet will greet the red crab “Banshkhali beach” to enter the beach




There are seven or eight points including Premasia, Kadmarsul, Khankhanabad, Baharchhara, Ratnapur, Katharia Saral, and Gandamara. Sangu River estuary and well-equipped Beri Dam at Premasiya Point. Bedi embankment, palm trees, and fishing boats at Kadmarsul and Khankhanabad points. Beach, red crabs, and seawater at Baharchhara Point. And at Katharia and Ratnapur points there is a huge fish farm, rows of palm trees and parasites. The vast grass-covered field is like a green carpet. Images of fishing boats/trawlers and fishermen’s life struggle floating in the seawater all over the beach. During the season, fishermen catch silver hilsa in flocks. In the afternoon, there is a tourist attraction here. You can spend the whole afternoon watching the sunset in the south wind of Zhaobagan. You can give it an artistic sign of spending an afternoon in the sand. This beach will not lag behind Cox’s Bazar beach in terms of publicity and accommodation.



How to get from Dhaka:


Banshkhali can be reached by any route from Dhaka via Chittagong. Two buses named Banshkhali Special Service and Super Service leave from Bahaddarhat Bus Terminal and Shah Amanat Bridge (new bridge in local language) every 20 minutes. Banshkhali is an hour and a half away for only 60-70 TK. Moreover, by adding CNG from the new bridge, directly crossing the Sangu river, Bashankhali. CNG fare is 60-70 TK per person. Gunagari / Kalipur Chhaliyar Baap’s Pool / Bailchhari to Sea-Beach. Katharia Point through Bailchhari, Baharchhara Point through Chhaliar Baap and Khankhanabad and Kadmarsul Point through Gunagari. Car rental at each point is 30 rupees per person.
You can rent a microbus on a full day contract. The infrastructure was not developed that way. Two-one resorts are under construction. However, almost all the spots are close, can be turned back in one day.



A promotion system, improvement of transportation system, construction of quality permanent hotels and motels, with a little renovation can change Bashankhali beach. Another tourist area like Cox’s Bazar could be developed. What is needed is the vigilance and sincerity of the Ministry of Tourism. However, the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, which is somewhat optimistic, has received a sufficient response.


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