Beijing Glass Bridge Tour.

The time of Beijing was passing in the busyness of classes and exams, I was not getting much opportunity to go anywhere. Finally the test is over. Endless leisure now, just wandering around before returning to the country. Since my wife and children came here, 2/3 more Bangladeshi families including us are now taking turns. After Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo, Tianjin, our plan was to visit Tianjin Yunshan Glass Bride. We were a little scared to climb the mountain this summer with the baby raw! I woke up very early in the morning and saw heavy rain. Wow, it’s raining here too! On the subway we gathered at Danshimen from different destinations. We have to go to the town of Pengyu, a little way from Beijing, to the glass bridge from there. We got on the bus number 752. We reached Pengyu in 2 hours without any break on the neat road. Pengu is a tidy town.

From here I got on bus number 25. Small bus, almost all of us passengers, 2/1 Chinese. Hilly winding road, apple and peach orchards on either side. Meanwhile it has rained, the air is wet. Arriving at the spot, I bought a ticket for 60 RMB each. I bought polythene to save myself from the rain. Wooden stairs up to the first stage, easy to climb. Then cut the hill up the stairs to the middle stage. There is an aesthetic temple here. We ate a little jiriye, brought food. Then start climbing the real hill. Quite steep, but relying on beautiful stairs and handles. Children are more energetic than us, adults are always exhausted, even if they are out of breath.

Finally we climbed to the top. Here is the Watch Tower and the glass bridge. I had to buy a ticket here again. We first got to the Watch Tower. High mountains all around, clouds are coming and covering again and again. We are on transparent glass. Looking down, Atmaram wants to escape from the cage. I saw the children did not panic at all. Gradually the fear was becoming tolerable. We took a lot of pictures. Then I went to the bridge. As the bridge sways in the wind, so does the fear. But thrill, adventure works by printing it.

Infinite emptiness below and above, sometimes clouds cover you, you are floating in the air – a feeling! Many cannot walk in fear. For those who have heart disease and height phobia, it is forbidden to climb the bridge. I had a lot of fun. Now it’s time to get off. We also had to be careful when getting up and down as the road was wet with rain. On the way down, we sat on the steps of the temple and ate our lunch. Back to the same path again. Jury Raheen has been asleep all the way. Back in the room we are also in a state of sleep.

Route: Dhaka-Beijing, Pengyu, Glass Bridge.
Stay: Those who come to Beijing will be able to come here on a one-day tour from the hotel. There are also a number of hotels and resorts under Glassbridge. You can eat at the restaurant. You can also book online.
Caution: High hills – It is a bit difficult to get up and down, but the most beautiful place. Make the place more beautiful by throwing the garbage in the specific dustbin.


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