Betila Zamindar Bari, Manikganj.

Many people think that Baliati, Teuta zamindarbari is the Rajbari of Manikganj district.
Many people have visited there for 1 day, but it is very close to Manikganj Sadar
There is another zamindar house, which is unknown to many …. It is believed that a merchant named Jyoti Babu was the ancestor of this zamindar house, now known as Satya Babu’s Basatbari, Betila Zamindarbari is now being used as a government shelter.



# How to go]

First, any bus (Padma Line, Nilachal, Selfie Transport) from Gabtoli bus stand in Dhaka to Manikganj
You have to get off at Manikganj stand, you can get off at Betila bus stand by any Hallowike, Baby taxi, bus or any other vehicle coming from the stand towards Singair, you will get auto bike towards Betila Bazar from Khan. Betila_Zamindar_Bari is just a short road from Betila Bazar.



.B: Note: – Nature and antiquities are our resources. Please do not write anything inconsistent on antiquities, do not throw indigestible dirt, especially plastic things everywhere in nature. Every trip should be environment friendly.


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