Bholaganj is mind boggling.

The road is so bad. To make matters worse, the kidneys and liver will be damaged. Nevertheless, it can be guaranteed that your troubles will not fail, so beautiful Bholaganj.





So I say Bholaganj: to go to heaven by the road to hell!

By bus from Dhaka to Sylhet. Salutikar on CNG from the bus stand. Then he stopped the stone truck and drove to Bholaganj.

CNG goes from Sylhet city. It will take seven hundred to one thousand rupees just to go.

Watch the video in the comments. You will get a good idea about the place.






Note: Maybe the place is still deserted because the road is bad, not polluted. Don’t forget to leave plastic, polythene or anything that pollutes the environment. Our forefathers fought and gave blood, and can’t we do the same for our country?


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