Bholaganj travel stories and expenses.

Let’s go to Sylhet! I will stay for 2-3 days, I will go everywhere. I canceled the train ticket on August 25; Didn’t get first-class – I got a nice chair. I got up from the airport. I thought I could get on the bus! There is no fan above the head, all the switches in the whole bogie work, the light switch above our head does not work! So I slept all the way under the only burning light in the carriage. I could have gone by bus …..



I had breakfast at Panchbhai; Great. I will stay in a hotel near Amburkhana. Went. I thought I would rent a hotel and leave my bag and go to Sadapathar. I can’t find a hotel anymore. The crowd was not so big, yet they divided us because we didn’t have room thinking we were girlfriends and boyfriends. So no matter how old you are, the husband-wife must take the cabinet letter; Sylhet is a Protagonist Place! However, the 2-3 day tour turned into 1 day.


Being near Sister in Law’s hostel, I sent Madam to her to freshen up. And I went to a boy’s mess with their friends. I hoped I will get this help.That’s Why  I was not desperate for the hotel.



The target is the white stone of Bholaganj. CNG auction reserve from Chauhatta. We were 2 of us, If there were  4-5 people, the cost would be less then , It Took 1400 + 100 per person. 36 km road, good road (except 2-2.5 km, work was going on in a few places). I took many pictures by stopping CNG in many places. The whole journey is great. When I reached the wharf, I rented a boat.



Boat rental 800; A maximum of 8 people can go. We were two people. Looking for groups; I got 2 younger brothers from my university (introduced later). I said before the rent I will stay for at least 2 hours (urgent).

I took a lot of pictures and got wet in the water. I tried to take some long-exposure for the first field test of the ND filter I bought 7-8 days ago. It was very sloppy. Don’t know when 2 hours have passed. Back to Aslam Ghat.



When I arrived, I stood in the tea garden to take pictures. I went down to Chauhatta. We had lunch at Bhojanbari (next to Pansi). Then I walked around SUST and watched the sunset from the bridge of Surma river to satisfy my hunger. At night I ate delicious grill-nan at the dining room again and got on the unique bus! After the sleepless journey of the previous 24 hours, both of them were so tired that I don’t remember anything after putting my back on the bus seat. The supervisor is calling in the morning. I finished one of the most memorable short tours of my life.



Irrelevant Details: Cost 4180 + food and drink + rickshaw fare + hobbies are different. If it is multiplied by 4-5 people, the cost per person will be reduced.


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