Biography of Goa.

When you hear the name of Goa, middle class people like us get two kinds of reactions. At first, the dream flashes! The first thing that comes to mind is the cost! The world-famous sea beaches are located there, the cost must be of the marble cut type! I have been thinking the same thing for a long time. As a result, I never dared to go there. But a few days ago I saw a review on Tob about Goa travel. Many thanks to the gentleman. He showed me there, how to get back from Goa at low cost. After reading the review, my dream started to match the wings again! I find a lot of courage in my mind! He showed the cost from Bangladesh to Goa is about five thousand rupees. Since I live in India to study, and around Delhi, my cost will be even less! After thinking about everything, the three of us got ready in an instant. And, by the infinite mercy of Allah, that journey ended with unimaginable success! It was an unforgettable journey of life! The sea has always been my favorite. I have visited St. Martin’s in Cox’s Bazar five times before! This time I saw the Arabian Sea !! It is also a huge achievement of small life!
Many people can’t believe that it is possible to travel to Goa with this money! Of course not, since the place is Goa! But believe me, it is possible! It is really possible, but you have to endure a little hardship, this archie! I have suffered a lot too. I’m calculating my expenses here, see.





We boarded the Dehradun Kachuveli Express from Hazrat Nizamuddin in Delhi. It goes to Kerala one day a week, on Mondays. Since we didn’t buy tickets in advance, it would cost more to buy them then, so I bought a general ticket for 400 rupees and sat down. It is difficult to travel in a general carriage for about 34 hours. More difficult. We have become accustomed, so I got up and sat down. Therefore, those of you who are not accustomed to buy a sleeper ticket, it will cost 800 rupees. What you will not spend on the way, it depends on you. We spent a light snack. The whole time. It didn’t hurt much.




I got on the train at 1.30 pm on Monday, got off at Margao station at 10.30 pm on Tuesday.
From here we have to go to Arambol. Far away from Margao. The bus stops after 9 pm. As a result, we were forced to stay at the hotel next to Margao station for one night. The hotel rent for the three of us was 600 rupees. Rupees. From there by bus to Panji. Fare is 40 TK. From Panji by bus to Maposa. Fare is 15 TK. From there you can take another bus to Arambol, Fish Market. The fare is 30 TK.





All in all it took about two and a half hours, the rent was like ninety rupees.
Go down to the fish market, you will find good hotels in the vicinity. Very low prices. If you are alone, you can stay in dormitory top hotels. It will cost two hundred per person. That is why hotel Arambol will be the best. We were there too.
And if it is two or three, it is better to take a room. Therefore, you have to go to the beach first. Go there and see there are rows and rows of hotels on the beach. If you pay, you will get a room within five or six hundred rupees. You can take three hundred rupees per day. You can go wherever you want with it!
We were in the middle of Arambol and its surroundings all day on the first day. It was a lot of fun.
The afternoon and evening are also spent in the middle. An unearthly scene is created on the shores of the Arabian Sea.










Goa is basically a sea, sea beach, a kingdom of ancient churches and forts. It is doubtful that there are so many churches in Venice itself! Very beautiful and tidy roads. The houses are all built in European style. The city is built on a hill. The roads are all hilly, sloping. It is completely different from other states and cities in India, different!

On the second day in the morning we left for Kerry / KD beach. It costs ten rupees by bus from Fishmarket.
Going there, I went to Terikhali village by ferry. I have to cross a channel of the sea. There is no fare for the ferry. Terikhali is a very beautiful and lonely hill village. This village has two forts built in ancient times! You can see them.
Back from there we went to the beach. Kerry beach is a little different, the waves are a bit more here. And the place is also a little deep! The place is very beautiful! The whole day was spent here. In the evening I came back to Arambol beach.

On the third day in the morning we leave for Panji. We reach there at 9.30 am. From there a tourist bus is available for sightseeing. For just TK. 250 you will visit all the famous places of North Goa. You will spend the whole day in it. Coco will take you to the beach, pay three hundred rupees there, take the dolphin point around by boat. It is a very thrilling and fun journey.
In the afternoon you will be brought to Baga beach. There you will have the opportunity to take a bath for an hour and a half. The rest of the guides will tell you what to do in other places.
At the end of the day we come back to the register. From there, take a bus to Margao. Almost immediately I get the train to Mumbai. That’s why I get on board. After a comfortable sleep, I reach Mumbai in the morning.
After traveling all day from Mumbai, I boarded the train to Delhi again in the evening. Bass, Goa tour is over. I saw the total cost of the torch was only three thousand or less.





It cost me five thousand rupees. I haven’t had to suffer much in movement. I have spent three or four days in Goa in a relaxed manner.

Food chess is available at a very advanced and reasonable price there. There is no high price anywhere. You will get all kinds of food. So, your food will be two and a half rupees for the whole day. The rest depends on you.

I have calculated from Delhi. The calculation will be almost the same for those who come from Kolkata. Amravati Express leaves from Howrah. Fare and time are the same as Delhi. Those who have time and opportunity can go a little further from Gaya and visit Karnataka. .





However, the desire was to write a beautiful travel story. But at the moment I can’t do that, due to busyness and fatigue. So some kind of circular writing was given! Sorry for the random writing! If you need any more information, you can inbox, I will try to help as much as possible. Happy traveling!


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