Birishiri travelouge.

The way to Birishiri and some notable self-experiences are as follows–

* Birishiri is located in Durgapur Upazila of Netrokona district in Mymensingh division. From Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus stand, two buses run directly to Birishiri every day.
1) Ma-Moni
2) Nishita.
Both buses run twice a day. Morning and night. Leaving at night is approximately between 12 and 1 p.m.



The fare from Mohakhali to Birishiri is 350 TK per head.



* Departing from Dhaka, it does not take much time to reach Birishiri by night bus. During the day, of course, is a different matter.


Our bus leaves at 12.30 pm and reaches Birishiri at around 5.15 / 5.30 am. It takes about 4 and a half to 5 hours. If you want to go back at night, you can buy a night ticket while getting off the bus.



* It is better not to rent an auto or a motorcycle from Birishiri or Susang Durgapur. If you rent from there, you have to pay 400 to 600 per bike. My advice is to go down to Durgapur Bridge and walk a short distance from there to the banks of Someshwari river or Kangs riverboat and rent a bike or auto. It will cost less. Auto rental will be approximately 600/750. 4 to 6 people can get in one car.

If necessary, the numbers of two bikers in that area are given below-
Abul Qasim- 01835984365
Md. Saheb Uddin- 01814-297611

* If you have a plan to stay, I would advise you to take a reservation at the hotel or to find out if there is an empty room in the hotel. Otherwise, you may not get a room in the desired hotel. Among the hotels in Birishiri, YMCA is the best in terms of quality and money.
The whole room rent is 800-1000 rupees.
The whole room can sleep 6 to 7 people.



* If you do not take a plane, or if you want to return by noon, you can go to Mymensingh by local bus from Jaria in Durgapur. The rent is 60 TK per head. In that case, let them know in advance which auto or bike you will rent for Birishiri Ghura. Otherwise, he will make excuses to increase the rent later.


After reaching Mymensingh, if you want to go to Dhaka, you have to take an auto from there to Maskanda bus stand. The rent per car is 10 TK. Shortly after leaving the Maskanda bus stand, the ENA bus left for Dhaka Mohakhali. Rent per capita 220.

* You will know the tourist places of Birishiri in advance. Then there is no possibility of cheating.
1 Birishiri Small Ethnic Group Cultural Academy.
2 Vijaypur white clay mine and blue/green water.
3 Someshwari river.
4 Vijaypur Border and BGB Camp.
5 Orange Queen Dighi.
6.Ranikhong Mission.
7. Hajong Mata Shaheed Rashimoni Memorial.

* No one makes his house dirty and even if he does, he cleans it. The country is also ours, the responsibility to clean it is also ours. Our neighboring country has embarked on the “Transparent India” campaign and we follow most of them but don’t do this good thing, why? Let’s contribute to the cleanliness of the country by cleaning our tourist places.


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