Biryani tour of Chini Masjid and Tajir.

The homogenous combination of both philosophy and food can perhaps be called a perfect journey. So looking for a place for ‘a journey full of affordability’ like ‘all happiness within reach’, it seems that there will be no more ideal place than Syedpur. Because just as there is the famous Tajir Uddin Grand Hotel for eating, there are several places to visit, one of which is the Chini Mosque.





When I got off the bus, there was one hour left for Jumma prayer. Our plan was to eat after the prayer and then walk around. Thinking about what can be done in this quarter of an hour, Habibur said, “Let’s go to the big market. I’ll walk there.”
We agreed.
This time an autovan was stopped and asked if he would go to the big market.
The driver seemed a little surprised and said, “Where’s that again!”
Habibur took us away and said, “That shala seems to be new in the area, so he doesn’t recognize it.”
Later we came down near Tajir Hotel in Panchmatha area. I got down and saw Habibur fidgeting. At one point, what we came to know was our wisdom. Or he mistakenly called this five-headed name Barabazar.
Anyway, first come to Tajir’s Biryani. When the biryani arrived after ordering, I didn’t know why I didn’t see the quantity. But to tell the truth, after eating, it seemed that there is no harm in whether the eyes are full or not – but the stomach is well filled. And speaking of taste, I have to say, ‘quite good’.





At the end of the meal, I took the van to the sugar mosque. I used to see pictures of the mosque on the internet. To look beautiful. But when I actually saw the mosque, I realized that the mosque is not only beautiful, it is extraordinarily beautiful. This mosque is a unique example of an excellent architectural style. In fact, there is a huge gap between the virtual world and reality. The mosque was built in 183. It is made by mixing broken parts of porcelain cups, plates or utensils with cement and coating them on the walls. This method is called sugar. From here the name of the mosque is Chini Mosque. Many also say Chinese mosque. The inner part is divided into three rooms side by side. The middle one was made during the British period, the left one during the Pakistan period and the right one during the Bangladesh period. Filled with handicrafts, this mosque with 32 minarets and 5 domes will surely impress everyone.


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