Brahmaputra River, Mymensingh Travel.

Brahmaputra means “son of Brahma. Growing up in BAU on the banks of the Brahmaputra from a young age, the word” river “came to mind whenever I thought of it. I have had the good fortune to see many rivers and streams in the country and abroad, but none of them stuck in my mind. Time is one of the forms of this river. In the rainy season, it is cold again, covered with calm fog, here and there Anagona of Pankauri. When I saw the sunset in gold, dark orange, purple, yellow, when I saw the two banks covered with cashew flowers, when I saw almost the whole river covered with water hyacinth when I saw the end of the river in the distance where, All, keep looking until you get close, run away soaking wet when you get close, there are thousands more that are nowhere to be found.



Whether it is a day tour or a weekly holiday, you can come back from Mymensingh. There are good quality Bengali food in Sarinda and Dhansindri restaurants in the city. Only 3 hours away from Dhaka. Beautiful road has gone through the jungle. Apart from this, there is a very beautiful palace, Shashi Lodge and many other old architectures and Bangladesh Agricultural University, there is Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Museum, Saheb Park, Bipin Park. You can spend the whole day just on the river bank and by boat. On the other side of the river, there is tea, Puri-Singer’s shop, on this bank, there is Fuchka, Chatpati, tea, and a very interesting burger cart. In the rainy season, one can go to an inner beel to see the village through a small ditch on that bank of the river. For those who want to stay the night, there is the Silver Castle Hotel by the river. And if you know any current/former person in Bangladesh Agricultural University, you can stay in the car guest house there. If you want you can camp on the other side of BAU river. Completely safe, and people are much better.
After a while, you will see many dolphins/children floating in the river. No, not man’s baby, river dolphin. And if you are lucky, you can buy fresh boiled river, rui or small fish. If you want, you can catch fish with a rod there. You can walk to the mango orchard, there are only mango trees on both sides of a long road.



The beauty of BAU is no less than a good quality resort, but more. If you want to enter Bangladesh Agricultural University in your own car, you have to get permission in advance.


Mymensingh bus leaves after 10 minutes from Mohakhali bus stand. Rent 220 TK. You can also go to Mymensingh by train. For a budget tour, it is possible to come back one day for 600-700 TK.
*** Where there is no dirt, there is no dirt. ***


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