Budget Tour Plan Dhaka-Siliguri-Darjeeling-Sandakfu Trek, 6 Nights 5 Days

This tour plan is for budget travelers only.

We got on the train to Panchagarh on the night of December 9 with three friends and younger brothers (train ticket 550 tk). The train leaves at 8 pm. It was too late for us to reach Panchagarh on the morning of the 10th. We went from Panchagarh to Banglabandha with a bus fare of 70 tk. From the bus stand, I go to the border by auto with 10 rupees. After finishing the work of the Bangladesh border, I went to  India’s Phulbari border. We finish the work with some Bribe at Phulbari Border.


I Exchange Money from the side. From there I go to Phulbari Bazar by auto for 10 Tk. From there I go to Siliguri Junction by auto for 25 rupees.


You can go to Manevanjan by shared jeep from the junction but you will not get it after 12/11 in the morning. However, you will get the reserve jeep all the time. In Darjeeling, we spend the night at the hotel on the 10th with 800 rupees. At night we visit the city of Darjeeling.


I got up at 8 am on the 1st and left in a shared jeep for 60 rupees. After entering the check post, I paid 4,000 rupees from the guide agency and started trekking for 4 days. (You have to pay the guide for 4 days in advance. If it takes more than 1/2 day later, you have to pay the guide for that day. You only have to pay for the dinner of Sandakfu and Falute guide.)


I started enjoying the fun of trekking. Ah, I am slowly merging into one peace.
The four of us (with guides) trekked through the fog and completed 16 km on the 1st day. Since morning, the four of us have eaten only 3 packets of biscuits. If you go to a place where you don’t really remember to eat. Arriving at a Nepali village called Jhaubari, he did not eat rice, vegetables, and pulses for 140 rupees a night. I spent the night on the 11th with 200 rupees. There was no snowfall that day. But it was very cold.


I woke up at 7 am the next day on the 12th and started trekking. Let’s target the summit today. On this 2nd day we have to go 15 km. Today’s trekking feels much better. What a zig-zag way! I have been walking in India for a while and in Nepal for a while. Ah, how can I explain that feeling!


We went to another part of Nepal at 10 in the morning and ate noodles for 50 rupees and started trekking again. Then at 1:48 pm we completed 15 km and set foot on the top of Sandakpur. Ah, what a happy smile on everyone’s face! we trekked 365 meters for two days! What a great joy inside!


We are in the highest peak of Ilam district of Nepal and West Bengal of India! However, I have not yet got a view of Everest due to fog. After rejoicing for a while, fixing the cottage with 200 rupees, there is no rest for 1 hour. After 1 hour I went out and was surprised. I saw what I did not expect. Snowfall. That evening the first snowfall of the year began.


I jumped in the snow for a while and went back to the cottage. Eat khichuri with 160 rupees and go to sleep. On the night of the 12th, we stayed in Sandakan.


I woke up on the morning of the 13th and went out shocked! It’s so snowy! All four sides are just white and white! There is snow up to half a foot. I rejoiced for a while and came to the cottage.


Our guide said it is not possible to go to Falut today so we should go back with the same route. As soon as we heard his words, we started descending on the same route. Tishering was a very good guide. There is hardly a better guide than that. We want to go to Tumling today. I kept going down and I was amazed at the beauty of the mountains.
We reached Tumling in the afternoon


There is no language to say what a joy it is to walk along with Everest, Kanchenjunga on the way to Tumling. What a beautiful view I got on this day, I can not explain. This 13/12/19 date is one of the most beautiful days of my life.


On the morning of the 14th, we left Tumling. We reached Manevanjan by 11 o’clock. From Manevanjan, I took a sharing jeep to Siliguri Junction for 300 rupees. From the junction, I drove to Phulbari Bazar for 20 rupees. The border at 10 rupees by auto from the market. The rupee is not converted into money at the border.


They took a gift of 200 tk at the Indian border. Then I entered Bangladesh. I came to Panchagarh railway station by bus from Banglabandha with 50 tk. I bought a ticket for 550 tk and moved to the magic city Dhaka on the morning of 15th December Alhamdulillah


Purpose cost of the entire trip:


(9th night) 8 Dhaka to Panchagarh to Banglabandha = 620tk


(10th date) 6 Cost of both borders = 300 tk.
Auto + Siliguri to Darjeeling = Rs. Staying in Darjeeling + eating = 350 tk.


11th day) Darjeeling to Manevanjan = Rs.70


Guide costs (including bounty and dinner at Sandakan) = Rs 1500


Light breakfast + dinner + cottage = 380 rupees.


(12th date) 6 Light breakfast in the morning + lunch + dinner at night + cottage rent = 480 rupees.


(13th date) 6 Breakfast + light meals at noon + dinner at night + cottage rent = Rs. 620



(14th day)  Breakfast + dinner = 180 rupees.


Manevanjan to Siliguri to Phulbari Border = Rs.335


Border cost = Rs.250


Banglabandha to Dhaka = 600 tk.


Total cost per capita = Rs.5860 rupee.




It is better to remember some things.


* Take good winter clothes and good shoes.


However, make sure that the bag is not too heavy.


* You must take some more money. Everyone’s cost is not the same as your cost.


* Everyone will try to trek together. No one seems to be far behind.



* You don’t have to do the same because we have held the summit in two days, brother. You will trek according to your skills


. Now that takes a few days. Many stay in Tumling on the 1st night, Kalapokhari on the 2nd night and Sandakafu on the 3rd night. You can also plan this way.


* Never drink alcohol in the mountains. No one can talk about the accident.


* Be 100% careful. Don’t rush to get ahead of anyone. This can lead to danger. Remember the family is waiting for me at home.



Which must be remembered :



No one throws dirt on that track. People throw dirt in the garbage dump. Remember you are human too. We will not be unfaithful to nature.


Many people go out of the country and leave the garbage in the right place. Butt comes to Bangladesh and dumps the garbage there. Brother, please keep your country clean.



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