Camping at Mahamaya Lake at night, kayaking in the morning.

The six of us went from Comilla’s Chauddagram to spend the Victory Day holiday,
We go directly to Thakurdighi Bazaar in Mirsarai, a few minutes walk from there you will find Mahamaya,
We had already booked the kayaking point brothers on the phone,
As soon as we left, the tents, the hammocks, the campfires all started.
Then we saw Hamo lying on the bed all night, singing, dancing, chatting, barbecue party, playing with fire and with the hospitality of Rana Bhai-Saidul Bhai, we didn’t know how it was 4.30 pm.
Then after a short rest we started kayaking very early in the morning.
The feeling of kayaking in the second largest artificial lake in Bengal through the fog was amazing.
Our package was there,
1. Tent, hammock, camp firing
2. Dinner– rice, mash, vegetables, chicken
3. Barbecue chicken (1/4 th per person), parata, coffee
4. In the morning– Parata, vegetables, fried eggs
This whole package cost 450 TK per person
And the cost as a student in kayaking is 100 TK per person (2 people in 1 boat)
If you can, it is better to talk to your brother in advance.







Brothers number —
Saidul Bhai — 017193999915
Rana Bhai – 0171796969
#Happy touring☺☺☺
Oh sorry I forgot to say– girls can do kayaking, butt can’t stay at camp at night …


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