Camping on the beach next to Marine Drive is only 2300 TK.

Dhaka to Cox – 600 + 700 = 1800 TK (round trip)

My favorite place for camping is Shamlapur, 45 km away.

Cox to Shamlapur 60 + 70 = 160 (coming and going)

Breakfast at 2 o’clock: 50 + 50 = 100
3 main meals: 130 + 130 + 130 = 390
There is a hotel in Shamlapur market for food, there is also a hotel near the beach! It is possible to eat well for 120 rupees! If you want to eat Rupchada or any other marine fish of your choice, the cost of food will increase a little!

Then the total cost is: 1800 + 160 + 100 + 390 = 2250 TK!





If you have your own tent, it will not cost more than this tour! Those who do not have a tent can rent a tent from Dhaka for 100 TK per night!





Before returning to Dhaka, you can also visit Laboni Point or Kalatali in Cox’s Bazar city, there is no separate cost!

Now if anyone wants to visit Shahpari Island in Teknaf from Shamlapur then some cost will increase! This island is also very beautiful, if anyone wants, you can come back from there in the morning on the next day (2nd day) of camping, then it will cost 200-250 TK more! This island is further south of Shamlapur i.e. Teknaf Sadar! On your way back from Shamlapur, you can visit Inani and Himchhari, two popular tourist spots. It will only cost extra 20 rupees!





The original cost is limited to 2300 TK, if you want to visit additional spots, the cost will increase!

Make a plan with a few friends, the fun of camping on the beach is different! And if it is a moonlit night, then there is no point!

You can also check out a post a few days ago about why I like this place for camping! Meanwhile, the beach and Marine Drive Road is much more beautiful! There are bathrooms and baths, there is a market next door if you want to cook yourself!






– Better to go in groups of at least 10-12 people at once!

– Don’t go away from the camp site alone after dusk!

– Girls can go in large groups!

If you want to know more, you can knock!

Next November we can offer a camping tour here at this cost for a few, if anyone wants to join us let us know in the inbox!





And it is possible to give a camping tour in the coral island of St. Martin for only 2600-2900 rupees, I will write about that another day!

Those who like to travel regularly can buy their own tents, the tent thing is very effective for traveling at low cost! You will be in the tent when everyone is at the hotel in Sajek, St. Martin, Cox’s Bazar! Then the cost of the tour will be much lower!


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