Canoe Crystals in Colombia.

There is no end to the wonder of creation all over the world, there is no end to its mystery. The wonders of the world only amaze mankind. Nature has created all the creations in her own mind that you just have to be fascinated by. There are so many wonderful places in the world that you just have to be amazed. Among all these beauties, one of nature’s most colorful creations is the Kano Crystals River. Surprising to hear the colorful river, it is true that the color fair can be seen in the waters of the Kano Crystals River in Colombia. Surprisingly this river is the most colorful river in the world. So let’s find out some information about this colorful river.





These canoe crystals are a river in Colombia. Unlike ordinary rivers, the water of this river is not blue or black in color, the water of this river has a combination of colorful colors. This river, which is a wonderful combination of about five or six colors, is like a fair of colors. This is why it is called the “river that descends from heaven.” Again, some say, “liquid rainbow river.” When you see this wonderful combination of red, pink, blue, green and yellow colors, you will feel as if nature has poured its treasure trove of colors into this river. And you have to be amazed by this natural beauty and think that nature is the greatest artist. There is no other river in the world that is more colorful than this.





The river originates from a hill called Serenia della Macarina and flows for 100 kilometers. The mountain is home to many species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and other mammals. The color of the river is the same as other rivers for most of the year. The bottom is full of calm-clear water and gray rocks. But in the dry season, the river actually becomes more colorful. Originally between July and November, you will see this beautiful colorful form of the river.
During this time a red herb-like fluid is formed at the bottom of the river which sways with the current of the river. This reddish herb is most commonly found on rocks where the currents of the river are high. Green shrubs and algae grow on the bottom of the river and on the rocks. Which makes some water color green. The water here is so clear that its color seems bluish. The sands at the bottom of the river are yellow.





The 1200 million year old rocks of this river have changed from gray to black. Which tends to shimmer under the clear water in the sunlight. And that’s how it creates so many colors in the same river here. Like the celestial currents coming down to the chest of the earth.

Rich in the bounty of nature, this river is also rich in biodiversity. The beauty of the surroundings of this river will fascinate you. There are fountains, a huge pond looking like a swimming pool and a cave at the bottom of the river. Which has enhanced the beauty of this river several times. What is more surprising is that there are no fish or aquatic animals in this river. So here you can feel free to swim and take a bath.

The river is located in a remote part of Colombia, but there are no problems with travel. There is also a tourist guide. They will guide you to this wonderful river. However, you have to get off the plane and walk along the river side road or reach this river on horseback.

There are overnight stays by the river for visitors. There are also all the arrangements for cooking and eating in the forest with the family. Kano Crystals has all the arrangements for a great adventure.


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