Travel abroad by sea

Overseas Travel by Sea (Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand) Royal Caribbean - Legend of the sea. The capacity of 2000 people, what is not on the ship, big theater, swimming pool, running track, mini-golf, cinema hall, casino, club, shopping center, photo studio, children's play area. The ship has 3 buffet meals with

Marigold flower garden

Pile flower garden. The huge field in the background can be seen in the middle of January, there is a combination of various flowers. Gladiolus, gerberas, roses, lotus, and many more flowers.       I went on November 25, 2017  Flower trees are being planted in all the fields. The local

Zinda Park, enrich in 250 species of about 10,000 trees, can be visited at a cost of only 150 TK per person

Zinda Park, which is rich in 250 species and about 10,000 trees, can be visited at a cost of only 150 TK per person. You can watch the YouTube link if you want.  Zinda Park matches its place with the feature of its name. You will not find a better natural


1. Is there a bus from Khagrachhari to Bandarban? If not, which is the easy route? Answer: No. Must go by Chittagong or Rangamati     How much is Sajek's jeep fare now?   --9100 / -   3. What is the cost of a guide to visit all the places including