Chandpur Tour.

After seeing the travels group, I planned to take the Chandpur tour this time. I didn’t go many times for various reasons. Anyway, I have to come to Dhaka Sadarghat first. I have to come to Sadar Ghat and come to Lalkuthi terminal. Launch every 30 minutes from Dhaka to Chandpur. Launch on time.

If you are 1 minute late, you will miss it. I really like this subject. If you want to go to the chair inside the launch, it is better to buy a ticket first. Otherwise, first and second class tickets are not available. We did not get a ticket and called and sat down. After 3 hours and 30 minutes the great breeze of the launch was gone and we reached Chandpur. We got down from the launch and saw a food hotel. The name is “Food Hotel”.

On the advice of someone, I went to Kalibari to eat. But there was no hotel to eat hilsa. Auto rent is 10 rupees but it took 20 rupees to go to auto scaffolding. Because we did not bargain. I thought the rent is like this. I came to the launch ghat again and entered a hotel. Items are very low. And the price can be doubled. Hilsa of 80 rupees in Mawa is 120 rupees there. 1 piece of boiler chicken is 60 TK. Hilsa was not eaten with satisfaction.

Later I went to the big station at the mouth of three rivers for 10 TK in an auto. The place is really beautiful. From there you can go to a place called Mini Cox’s Bazar by renting a trawler for 400 TK. Usually goes to the reserve. But I have seen it go locally. When we wanted to go locally for 50 TK, they did not take us. They will not take us without reserve. Because we are tourists. Great to spend time at the mouth of three rivers. There you will find blisters, jhalmuri, pickles, Hawaiian sweets to eat. And there are some scorpion terror type girls.





He does not allow anyone to sit in peace. He snatches food. He comes after 1 minute and speaks dirty language. It was bothering a couple so much that they ran after us in the end and couldn’t sit down. The behavior is so bad. Seeing that the children are in love, we caress them and give them food and money. You will come from three estuaries to eat one minute ice cream with 40 rupees, the price of which is 40 TK. Then you will come to the launch dock with 10 rupees from there. The launch will leave as per the schedule.



There are many more places to visit, but it is not so hot and sunny. The estuary of the three rivers looks great. But I had no experience with Chandpur. This time it is not very good. My younger brother came to my mother and told her not to marry us to any boy from Chandpur.


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