Chandranath Hill Suptadhara Jharna Guliyakhali Sea Beach.

At present Chandranath hill is at the top of the discussion.
Everyone is going kayaking at Chandranath + Guliyakhali + Mahamaya as a one day tour
I have been kayaking before … so this time I went to Mahamaya Nah and planned the tour a little differently




Chandranath Hill + Suptadhara Jharna + Guliyakhali
Let me tell you, it’s hard for a day … it can be done with a little thought.





So let’s get started … …
Mail train is our Varsha, Chittagong Mail, scaffolding 110 … Sitakunda Bazar at 6 o’clock. After a light breakfast … go to the mountains with extra water. Shinji from the market, 20 rupees per person. Buy bash from below, 10 rupees. You will understand the benefits of Bash when it comes up. Once you start walking up the hill you will find a fountain as soon as you go some distance. Start your journey from here. There are 2 roads left and right. Good for getting up on the left and getting down at the right (there will be less trouble). There were 3 of us (palm leaf sepai) in the temple in 1 hour 10/15 minutes. In a word, what you will see after going to the top after so much hardship is extraordinary. Come down here to spend time like your mind. Come to Sitakunda Bazaar by Sinji.





Eat heavy spoils.

Now the destination is the fountain. Sitakunda Eco Park costs 10 rupees per bus from the market. Take a walk off Main Road. Main gate in 10 minutes. Eco Park’s entry is 20 rupees. There is only one paved road, walk. The distance from the gate to the fountain is 1.1 kg. You will come to see the beauty of nature, (the road turns left) near a shop. From here, the stairs to the right go down the hill. Namun (many steep stairs, Namun carefully). Jhiri path at the end of the stairs. Take the left side of the path. Listen carefully, you can hear the roar. Going a little farther, you will see the subtadhara fountain of amazing beauty. It woke up in the rain. The fruit of so much suffering did not fail. All washed in cold water.
Get on the bus from Main Road to the market. Have breakfast.






Now let’s talk about Guliyakhali. It is better to go here in the afternoon. It’s low tide in the afternoon. If you go to the tide, you will see the beautiful trees under the water.

So come to the beach from the market in the afternoon. 30 per person. Take a walk from here again. Needless to say, walking in the cool breeze of the sea will not be difficult. And there is nothing new to say about Guliyakhali Sea Beach. In the meantime, everyone knows about the beauty of it. Come to the market with a little dapadapi beach.

All tours are over. Now it’s time to go back.




Time consideration:
Stay on the hill until 12 o’clock. Spend time with the shower until 4 p.m. Beach until 6 p.m.
It would be better to take a group of 5-6 people. We had to reserve again and again.

(Mail) Train 110 from Kamalapur
Hill 20 from Sitakunda Bazar
Market from the hill 20
Eco Park Main Road 10 from the market
Park entry 20
Park to market 10
Guliyakhali 30 from the market
Market 30 from Guliyakhali
Chittagong 30 by bus from the market
(Mail) Train Kamalapur 125 from Chittagong
(Rent per person) Total 405
Eating is up to you. Here only travel costs.

***** When coming to Dhaka, it would be better to go by express train or bus. Trouble in the mail.

Lastly, you are coming to see nature, not to waste it. When climbing a hill, don’t throw a bottle of water around the stairs. Aka aki do not. Don’t go up to the temple and shout. Keep the environment clean wherever you go.


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