Chandranath Temple + Sitakunda Ecopark + Guliyakhali.

The people of Bengal are accustomed to seeing only the fields, so they rejoice when they see a small mound of soil. Sanjeev Chandra did not say the wrong thing. As a resident of the plains, there is always an attraction towards the mountains. According to him, I planned to go to the mountains for this tour. Our destination for this tour is Chandranath Hill, Sitakunda Ecopark and Guliyakhali Beach.





I left Laxmipur at 5 am on the 26th with a team of 13 people. Destination Sitakunda. I have already rented a microbus, the fare will be 7500 TK with us for the whole tour. It was 8 o’clock when we reached Sitakunda. I went down to the market, had breakfast and left for Chandranath. It will take 15 minutes to go. There will be a rail crossing on the way. The place is beautiful, if you have time you can go down and take some pictures, good pictures will come.





I came down the hill and prepared to buy water, saline and sticks. Don’t forget to get up without a stick. And if one of the team thinks he is a wrestler and wants to get up without a stick, he will take the stick even if he is forced to do so. Because otherwise you will suffer later. It happened to us, some of them did not have sticks and later I went to share the sticks with them and got myself in trouble. Each stick will cost 20 TK and if you go down and return the stick, you will get 10 TK back. And take enough water with you. We made this mistake.




I took only 4 liters of water for 13 people. I thought like a cricket match, we don’t need much water to play the match. What I took was halfway there. If you can, bring water from Sitakunda market. Everything is more expensive near the mountains. Although it will take 5-10 rupees more at the bottom of the hill and if you walk 5 minutes up the hill, the price of everything will double. You will find two ways to go up to the temple. One is a dirt road and the other is a staircase. To go up the dirt road and down the stairs. If you forget to go up the stairs, you will regret it. If you go up the stairs, it will be doubly difficult.




Don’t throw away your used water bottle, packet of chips. Bring along. There is also an advantage to bringing a bottle of water. There is a water tap in a temple when you go down, you can drink water and bring water with you. In one work, two things are the environment and the environment is not ruined and you are also free from the trouble of water. Just make sure that you do not harm the environment.


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