Charbhairavi river bank.

Charbhairabi; Chandpur.

How to get there: From Dhaka Lalkuthi Ghat to Charbhairabi Gami launch, get off at Charbhairabi Ghat (the last ghat) and get off. Deck rent is 150 TK. It will cost 50 TK.







– If you want, you can have lunch at lunch! Or many blisters in the launch ghat area on the banks of the river Meghna down Charbhairabi; There is a hotpot and food shop. There is also pure milk Malay tea!





 You can also buy fresh river fish including hilsa from Charbhairavi. There is a warehouse! You can also visit it. All in all, you will be fascinated by the simple life and nature of the banks of the Meghna.

 The launch from Dhaka to Charbhairabi leaves at 9:10 am every day. Sometimes it gives a ghat at Chandpur at 12:40 pm. Charbhairabi (last ghat) gives it a little before 3 pm. The same launch left for Dhaka at 6:20 pm. All in all a full 1 day trip.


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