Chilmari, Kushtia travel story.

After reading the headline, you may think that I wrote Kushtia in place of Kurigram by mistake. Chilmari means Chilmari of Kurigram. I am telling you about Chilmari but it is not from Kurigram, Chilmari of Kushtia.


This char is located in the heart of Padma on the Indian border in Daulatpur Upazila of Kushtia district. If you go to this char, you will feel the existence of ancient Bangladesh in every moment. You will find the existence of ancient Bengal in the simple life system of the locals, roads, houses everywhere. Go back to a village in ancient Bengal.


Chilmari is one of the 14 unions of Daulatpur Upazila. The village of Chilmari was established around 1850. Then over time, the chars continue to grow, the villages continue to grow. Later it took the form of a complete union.


Since my grandfather’s house is in Daulatpur Upazila, I took the bike directly from Daulatpur. However, I am telling the rules to those who want to stay away.
From Dhaka go directly to Pragpur in Kushtia by bus. The operator’s bus goes at 2-3 in the morning and at night. Get AC and non-AC buses. Although the service is not very bad, you will get very few buses directly to Pragpur. Go to Mahishkundi by auto directly from Pragpur.


Those who want to go comfortably from Dhaka will go directly to Bheramara. And for Bheramara, buses leave from Kalyanpur and Gabtali every hour. You will get both AC and non-AC buses. The buses include SB Super Deluxe, Hanif, Shyamoli, JR, Super Sony, BRTC. 400-1200 Tk [Vary in Bus]. The best A.C.


Or take the train directly to Benapole Express, Sundarbans Express, and Chitra Express. Go to Mahishkundi by bus from Bheramara, the fare is 30 Tk. Go down to the Mahishkundi market and go to Mahishkundi BGB camp with information. Since it is a border area and not a tourist area, you can be considered a suspect. Then by car from Mahishkundi to Munshiganj Ghat, fare 15-20 Tk. From there by boat to the main char.


If you go in the winter season, you can go to Chilmari Char from Munshiganj Ghat to Bash Sako (France). Chilmari Char is a union. Chilmari Char is a dirt road. So the question is what will be the communication system in the char or how to rotate. You will get bikes at Munshiganj Ghat. Rent a bike with them on a day contract or hourly contract or go to Banglabazar or Chilmari village of Char by bike after crossing the ghat. Rent 80-100Tk.


Bargain. You will get a van and horse carriage at Banglabazar or Chilmari. The best option for those who want to see the slowly healthy charata next time. Now let’s come to the description of the char. There are no specific places to visit. But the environment, the way of life, is so simple and simple that you will be fascinated and sure to be bound by Charishma.


After leaving the BGB camp, India and Bangladesh border which is divided by Padma-River. You can spend a beautiful moment there. On the other side of the river, you can see the Indian people, you can clearly see the vehicles moving on their roads.


Then we went to Bagmari market. Small market. Square size market. The whole twenty shops are surrounded by a square shape. We had tea there. When the locals in the market saw our conversations and behavior and realized that we were outsiders, I did not have the ability to express their curiosity and intimacy. Because someone has come here so far just to travel it is unbelievable in their eyes. A middle-aged Murubbi became very close, he never let us pay the tea bill. In Banglabazar you will find a combination of Indian products in Chilmari Char.
You will find many things ranging from mobiles to various electronics and dishes, sari, cosmetic products. The prices are also very cheap because the products are all smuggled. However, it is better not to buy goods from here because smuggling is illegal, so if they find you with smuggled goods, they will consider you as a smuggler.
Here you will find food hotels. It is foolish to expect very good food. However, they will cook whatever you want to eat. In these hotels, they often arrange for the locals to stay at home.
A little before evening, I had a great time on the sand char near the river Balur, a little distance from Banglabazar. Just sand and sand all around. White sand. It will feel like you have left the desert. Later, one by one, Chilmari, Natun Chilmari, Char Bhavanand Diar, Challishpara, Banglabazar, Bajubazar, East, and West import ghats were visited. Since we went at noon and liked it very much, we decided to stay at the house of an acquaintance.
We spend the night at Char Bhavanandapur. The best moment was waiting for night. In the evening, thousands of people in these chars and chars became isolated from the whole of Bangladesh. The time machine will go back 30-40 years ago. We ate dinner and went to the Padma. In a village without vehicles and without electricity, there is no sound, no flashing of light or glare.
But the light of Moon, the innumerable bright stars in the fresh sky, the roar of the waves of the Padma water as well as the fragrant smell of mustard flowers crossing the river will fascinate you again and again. She is a heavenly feeling. Your mind will want to come here again and again just for this moment.


We woke up very early in the morning and went for a walk. The cold and frosty air made my body tremble, but my mind was enjoying the scene of people like Buck, Mist, Piper going to work in the field. Many small and big canals have gone in the middle of the char. You will get lots of Saco and dinghy boats. Dinghy boats have a capacity of only one person. I didn’t say I didn’t know how to swim. But one of my companions drove a little into the canal.


If you want you can also continue talking to the local boat owner. In that case, it is better to have a life jacket. Because the waves and the vastness of the Padma will frighten your mind moment by moment. I couldn’t take pictures the next day. Because there was no charge on the mobile. And here you must actually bathe in the water of the Padma. We didn’t, but the day before at noon, seeing the water, I thought Ish could take a bath.



When we met people wherever we went they helped us with sincerity, wanted to know, talked. I liked this char for their sincerity. We left in the morning. Such simple people, 25-26 thousand people of Char who have been met with sincerity, the yard of almost every house was open for all of us, their love was open. I was sad all day to leave that town. The people of this char seemed to be talking again and again. And I said not to love the locals.
Some information:


No one will come from far away from Dhaka or outside Dhaka just to see this char. But many come to Kushtia to visit Lalon Mela or Shilaidaha. They can spend an extra day here if they want. Advice for them Mahishakundi bus is available directly from the Kushtia terminal. Then the rest of the rules for leaving Mahishkundi are the same as before
I believe that if you visit the Kushtia district, this Chilmari char trip can be one of the best moments in your Kushtia district. Good news for those who will be going from the end of February to March. Lots of tobacco is being cultivated in this char. Tobacco burning began in March. You will see how tobacco is burned when you come here. We came here and watched the tobacco house being built. To burn tobacco, it takes 3-4 consecutive days to burn in the tobacco house.



There are no tall buildings here, so when you come to March, you will see only the tobacco stove wherever you look at the char at night. Unprecedented scene. Although I have not seen this scene in Char but I have seen this scene in my grandfather’s house village. Guys from that experience would be great. There are lots of buffaloes in the char. Those who want to drink buffalo milk will give it to the owner of the local Bathan for free.


There is absolutely no electricity here. Solar power is the only hope. And almost every home has a solar system.
If you have a power bank at the time of departure, it is convenient to charge your mobile.


Since it is a border area, that area is very suspicious. If you find inconsistencies in movement, the BGB can detain you as a suspect. However, in order to stay there safely and uninterrupted, you must first inform the Mahishkundi BGB camp. They will inform Munshiganj camp, Bagmari camp.
If you don’t go to Info, you can be suspected of being a blocker or drug dealer at any time. However, if you inform BGB, you will not be able to bring any Indian products. Even if you don’t search, it is better not to do these for safety.


99% of the houses in this char are tin. A few mosques and schools have brick buildings. So it was a little cold in winter for us to sleep. Since the whole of the char is a dirt road, there is a lot of dust and sand, so you can use a mask. There is very little dust on the road. And it is better not to go in the rainy season because the mud is too.


If you face any problem, you can contact the BGB camp. Don’t make too much noise. Do the tent at a safe distance from the river. And since tourists are less likely to stay here and stay overnight, you will try to keep someone local while you pitch your tent.
Get help from local people to use the toilet.


And if you take food from outside, don’t throw it anywhere. Don’t ruin the char environment by throwing packets of chips, water bottles everywhere. Be nice to the locals and follow the local customs of the char. Although they are very simple.






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