Chuadanga-Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka-Kuakata-Chuadanga Travel.

The longest uninterrupted sandy beach in the world is in our Bengal soil. A triangular bay in the northern part of the Indian Ocean in the Bay of Bengal, with the longest beach about 123 km to the north making our nature diverse. My trip this time was around this beach.



I never travel to my own country with any special plan. The point is that the path will determine the destination of the traveler. But wherever I travel, I am in no particular hurry. Slowly, a little lazy time on the swaying rice.



As usual, I left Chuadanga for Dhaka by night car. Rest for a day in Dhaka and run to Cox’s Bazar again. I have visited Cox’s Bazar twice before. So even though he was a man alone, he did not have such thoughts. Memorize Route and Tour Plan. I don’t stay in Cox’s Bazar for a few days, so I don’t bathe in the sea more than once. I like to sit on the beach from the last afternoon to midnight.



Cox’s Bazar is usually a tourist hotspot during the winter season, but my favorite is the rainy beach. The roar of the sea floating in the distance with huge waves made my feelings even more enchanting. During the monsoon season, the number of tourists is less, so all the great hotels are available for 600-700 TK. Besides, the restaurants are not very busy. I also find a lot of pleasure in relaxing and eating for some time.

Whenever I haven’t been to Cox’s Bazar, my mind is filled with strange serenity as soon as I get off at Dolphin Junction. I usually wake up at ten o’clock. After taking a bath and having breakfast, I proceeded to Dulki rice for the purpose of Ghat No.6. Boats and speedboats leave for Maheshkhali from Ghat No. 8. It takes about an hour of engine-driven wood and about 20 minutes by speedboat to reach Maheshkhali. Maheshkhali is a hill island located at the mouth of the Bankkhali River. The old-fashioned island is a sight to behold – Buddhist qiang, salt fields, Adinath temple on top of a hill, two small ponds at the top of the hill behind the Adinath temple, and finally a shooting bridge. The shooting bridge is beautiful. Turning to these, it was evening when I came back to Cox’s Bazar. Then I freshened up and went out to the seashore. I listen to old songs till midnight, sometimes the great roar of the waves floating in the distance. I can’t understand when four or five hours pass while drinking tea and coffee.



The next day, as usual, I got up at the same time, had breakfast, and left for Inani. This path is a great glory of the Bangladesh Army. The whole way is awesome. The steadfastness of the mountains on the left and the vastness of the sea on the right will fascinate you. The specialty of Inani is that there are several stones here. But of course not the rocky beach in my eyes. All in all, after spending two hours, we left for Himchhari.



Himachari is awesome. My friend Sanjay presented Himchhari in the most beautiful way. Then in the third year of university. Sanjay was my roommate. The family visited Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, and Rangamati. Sanjay’s assessment of Himchhari was, “If you don’t see the Bay of Bengal from the top of Himchhari hills, half your life as a Bangladeshi is in vain.” I felt the same way in my eyes. The sun, with its head in the blue lap in the western sky, slowly began to merge with the horizon, yet its reflection continued to play with the golden caress in the midst of the innumerable waters of the sea.



This time, since Kuakata wanted to go, there was no time to waste. From Cox’s Bazar by night car straight to Dhaka. After a day’s break in Dhaka, I left for Barisal in a Hanif Paribahan car at night. There was a traffic jam at the ferry terminal so it was about ten o’clock when we reached Barisal.

The distance from Barisal bus terminal to Kuakata is a little more than 100 kilometers. It takes a little over three hours. When I reached Kuakata, I had lunch first. Then I got up at a hotel and went out fresh.



The first time I visited Kuakata was in 2005. I didn’t get sunrise then but I got sunset. Slowly the sun peeked into the vast waters of the sea. None of us had a mobile then. Friend Imran had a camera, that was the only recourse. That too is not a digital camera. I had to buy a film to take pictures. Anyway, I had two pictures of Imran’s camera altogether. But bad luck. Somehow the whole film was ruined. It was not possible to print the pictures anymore.



This time I have come with a lot of hope. I will watch the sunrise and sunset. Everything was going well but at the last moment, the sun was lost in the cloudy sky. Not upset at all. Although there is no picture of the sunset, it is still alive on the canvas of my heart. But the sunrise should not be missed in any way, not at all. So I fixed a motorcycle in advance.



The driver left just in time. The two of them started running along the shore of the sea. Surrounded by serene silence, a picture of how sacred beauty can be is then in front of the eyes. I am moving forward, the surroundings are turning pale but there is no sight of the sun. Every time I asked the driver, how much longer do I have to walk? The driver is saying e again and again, a little further ahead. This is not the end of the path. At one point, the driver left the hull and said, the sun seems to have risen. The sky is covered with clouds, so I still remember the faint hope. I started moving forward.


The driver is saying e again and again, a little further ahead. This is not the end of the path. At one point, the driver left the hull and said, the sun seems to have risen. The sky is covered with clouds, so I still remember the faint hope. I started moving forward.

At one point I saw the sun but had no trouble guessing that the sun had risen at least ten minutes earlier. What else can be done, I started to move towards the red crab char with a bad mood. That’s fantastic. Great feeling. But the strange thing is, once you understand the existence of human beings, rows and rows of red crabs are going down to the sea in an instant. Somehow I could not take a picture. The mood was very bad then. There are so many roads coming from Dhaka in a useless vehicle of Hanif Paribahan, there is a huge traffic jam and finally, there is no sunset or sunrise. After many attempts, I managed to take a picture of only one red crab. I feel better now.



We left the shore and walked towards the Seema Buddhist temple. There were a few hotels in front, Rakhine village after breakfast there, probably Gangamati jungle, I came back to the hotel.

I thought I would go out again after a little sleep. I missed today and I will see what happened tomorrow. I will stay for at least two days this time. But the rules are left. After a while, the boss called. Before he could speak, the boss said, “Beach, get back to where you were. There’s an important meeting in the office tomorrow. There’s no chance of being absent.” The boss is probably dearer to those who do private jobs than his own wife. I, like the compulsive student, said, “Gee, Boss.”




As a patriotic citizen, it is our moral duty to keep the nature and environment of the country clean and fresh. So let’s keep nature and the environment clean from our responsibility to nature and the environment.


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