Cinnamon Island’s travel experience.

I thought I would write a beautiful travelogue about Cinnamon Island travel like no other. But, after thinking about it, I saw that there are many such writings in the group. I would rather highlight some points in light of the travel experience.






I came back from there in a heavy rush of 15-16. That’s why prices go up during the season. And in this high voltage season, there is no end to the multiplier with the real price. Let’s start from the beginning.

1. There is not much winter there. Don’t make the bag unnecessarily heavy with something heavy. Muffler, light hat or monkey hat with light winter clothes is a must. If you stop at the railing on the way back in the afternoon or from Dhaka / Chittagong to Teknaf / return will work.

2. Green line if you want to go fast. But there is not much of a gap. After half an hour of Green, Kerry and Kutubdia reached within 15-20 minutes. Advance ticket booking must.

3. Do not book hotels in advance in St. Maarten. But if you want to stay in a specific place, then you must pay. Got a place to stay even at this high voltage so no worries. Seeing and hearing the room, you will get the bargain price. If you want a sea view cottage / room, the rent will be a little higher. But it would be nice to have.

4. I was on West Beach with group reviews. Can stay. CTB says there is one with sea view. 2000 per room in the season can be called the perfect deal. If you lose, you will win. If you go above 2500, you will be cheated. When it comes to family or a large group of 25-30 people, there is no answer to Humayun Ahmed’s lust. If so, knock. I will try, God willing. Really feel at home with the group. Caretaker Omar Farooq Bhai. He came to the wharf and picked up the ship. Did I get the news by phone in the morning or not. I am fascinated by his use. There is no benefit in going around like that. You have to take pictures from outside the gate. Do not enter without a border.








5. West Beach from Jahaj Ghat / Jetty will take a minimum of 80-100 TK with a normal fare of 20 TK !!! It will take 15-20 minutes to walk at medium speed. So, walk, see the island, bargain when you find the hotel. On the way there is North Beach where there is a sea view resort and palace. Can see. 10 minutes from the jetty.




. If it is a fast charger or a three pin charger, take a multiplug or converter or look for a room that has a multiplug or three pin plug. You will regret it. After evening, there is current in the hotel till 10-12 o’clock.





. There is Hasan Restaurant on West Beach. I like the taste of their food. I don’t eat much marine fish but this time I ate fried fish with satisfaction. If you get a big Rupchanda in 200, you will win. If you take more than 250, you will be fine. Tuna 100-120. It is better not to eat Golchanda, Kalachanda, Sundari, other fish (except coral). Waste of money. Lobster 100-300 rupees this season. Total loss. All fao except a little white flesh on the inside.




. If you go west, you must see the sunset. Don’t waste 40-60 TK by eating coconut instead of coconut. Coffee half 15, double 30, more than 5 TK for other dry food on the beach, 30 rupees per hour for sea view while lying down, 10 rupees for Singara, 2 TK for onion, 5 TK for jilapi. There is nothing else to eat. Parota / Khichuri for breakfast. Rice, pulses, mash, vegetables, fresh fried marine fish/chicken/cow at noon and night.




9. You can do one thing at night. If you take a little evening walk across the beach after eating fried fish, you will reach the jetty / east beach from west to north in 20-25 minutes. 15 minutes to back to Main Road. Absolutely safe. Innumerable stars in the sky. Moonlight in the full moon. Half of the island is over! South the next day. From Jetty, Chhera Island will be covered by life boat / speed boat / bicycle / walk. The worst thing about Chhera Island is coming to Chhera Island and getting on and off Sampan from Life / Speed ​​Boat. Don’t rush. There is a life risk if you drown. But the journey experience will fascinate you. Lifeboat is 400 minutes 45 minutes per person, speedboat 1000 minutes, time 15 minutes.



10. If possible, book a return bus ticket from Teknaf the night before or before departure. There will be no tension.

Best wishes for a healthy, beautiful and safe journey.


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