Come and visit Bholaganj of white stone in one day.

Although many people know about Bholaganj, very few people know about Utmachhara. However, in the rainy season, Utmacharao is no less beautiful. And Bholaganj is currently one of the most beautiful spots in Sylhet.

If you love mountains, love to travel by boat, want to see clouds flying over mountains and want to soak the village in the cool water of the waterfalls coming down from the mountains, then come to Bholaganj and Utmachara.

How to get there: Bholaganj and Utmachhara are two spots located in Kompaniganj upazila of Sylhet. First come to Sylhet from any part of the country. Then leave Amberkhana in Sylhet in the morning for Bholaganj.

CNG fare from Amber Khana in Sylhet to Bholaganj is 140 rupees per person. CNG will take you directly to the boat dock in Bholaganj border area. It will take about an hour and a half to go by CNG. Then from there you have to take the boat to the main point. Boat rental comes and goes for a total of 600 rupees, (1 boat can carry 10 people).

You can visit Bholaganj, soak the village in cool water and go to Utmachara. If you want to go to Utmachara, first you have to go to Dayarbazar, which is located in Kompaniganj, Sylhet. If you tell the uncle of the boat in which you are going to Bholaganj, he will drop you off at Dayar Bazar Ghat. In that case you have to increase it by 100 rupees with the previous 800 rupees. This is the easiest way to go low cost.

Then you have to take CNG from Dayar Bazaar to Chara Bazaar. CNG fare from Dayar Bazar to Chara Bazar is 30 rupees per person. After 10-15 minutes walk down Chara Bazaar, you will reach Utmachhara Point 7 This point is in India. If you go down to Chara Bazaar and ask people, you will have to go to Utmachara. Try to come back as soon as possible so that it is not evening.

While backing in Sylhet, you can bring CNG directly from Charar Bazar to Amber Khana in Sylhet. The rent is 210 rupees per person. It will take about two and a half hours. And if you don’t want any CNG to come to Sylhet from Chara Bazar or if you want more rent, first come to Dayar Bazar for 30 rupees per person. Then you will get CNG from Sylhet. The rent is 160 rupees per person.

Now if you want you can visit these two spots in one day at very low cost. And be careful when going into the water. Don’t throw dirt anywhere. It is our responsibility to keep these beautiful places beautiful.


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